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Fall Bucket List

September 22 is the first official day of autumn, and you bet it’s circled in our calendars. We say: let’s get this thing going!

Now Hiring: Art Director

Art Director Result Statement Create impactful art and design direction to provide intentional and effortless experiences with Gathre’s brand ...

Commonplace Keepsakes

Our Fall/Winter ‘21 Collection inspires us to collect the goodness of ordinary days. There’s no such thing as quotidian: today is a day that will linger as memory. 

Genius Problem-Solvers

We know you know the obvious ways to use your Gathre products. But we’ve found genuine feelings of mastering life when we discover uses for our products that aren’t quite as self-evident.

The Colors of Memory

Somehow, the colors of autumn are both vibrant and muted at the same time. We thought that was a trick only nature could pull off, but as we planned our FW21 Collection


Working from home used to be the elusive dream. Now that it’s reality for many of us, it’s at once as freeing as we expected and more challenging than we anticipated.

Awesome Autumn

Pretty sure we’re not the only ones who believe deep in our hearts that autumn is the finest of all seasons. What we like so much about autumn is its variability, its inconstancy.

Glamping with Gathre

Camping. The word alone can inspire nervous laughter and visions of predatory raccoons. Luckily, there’s this marvelous little thing called glamping.

Pewter As Superpower

Beauty lives in contrast. Pairing tradition with the unexpected creates feels-right interest and that extra, intang...

Now Hiring: Product Development Assistant

Product Development Assistant We are looking for a highly organized individual to join our product development team here at Gathre — providing th...

Back to School. Back to You.

The back-to-school season is upon us. Are we the only ones who long for new Pink Pearl erasers every August? Stroll the aisles of notebooks and pencil cases we don’t actually need, just because it brings us joy?

What You Said You’d Never Do

Even just the title of this post makes us chuckle, because we know full-well what’s coming: humility. The humility that comes from lived parenting experience and erases all former judgments about what we’d surely never do when we have kids.