You've seen the beautiful Bassinet and are wanting to know more. Today's your lucky day. We're taking on a few of your most common questions and answering how this collaboration came to be.
1- How did your two brands meet?
About 8 years ago we took our brand new company to a trade show in Las Vegas. We were new on the scene and didn't know what to expect. Whatever it was, we definitely didn't expect to have the owners of largest booth on the floor come talk to us. Teddy and Tracy Fong, the sibling owners of babyletto, came and chatted with us in our meager homemade booth. Their generous advice and sincere interest in our success left a lasting impression and we've admired them since.
2- Have your brands worked together before?
We haven't. Since that trade show 8 years ago, we've stayed in touch with the babyletto team. We've looked up to them as the standard for growing a team and running a wildly successful business. A year and a half ago we went to their LA headquarters with our leadership team for an onsite visit and training exchange. They taught us all about the retail/wholesale world, and we shared a few insights about social marketing.
3- Where did the Bassinet idea come from?
It was during this onsite visit in LA that Teddy unveiled (in a rather classy way) a newly designed Bassinet he had made with our leather and pitched a partnered collaboration right then and there. We were an easy yes and gawked over the details and workmanship. There was a little discussion over a few design changes and reviewing different leather swatches for final colorways, but it was off and running.
4- How long has this been in the works then?
Almost two years! From the initial pitch in LA in September of 2022, we went through a few rounds of sampling. We worked through the angles and rounded edges of the legs, the finish and wood colors of the legs, the wood + leather color combos, some height adjustments, and a few seam changes before it was ready to move to production as the final Bassinet you see today.
5- What have you learned from this collaboration with babyletto?
What haven't we learned? We're beyond elated with the final product and the experience working with their team has been nothing short of exceptional. It's a Bassinet we are extremely proud to release. From the cushioned walls to the crossover of the legs, from packaging to the manufacturing process, from the marketing to warehouse teams — every step has felt organized and pleasant. It's been a dream partnership and we hope that shines through with each Bassinet that makes it into your homes.