Indoor Play Ideas with Gathre 

Indoor Play Ideas with Gathre 

Inside, the place to be! We believe it’s possible to bring the fun of the outdoors into your home. It just takes a bit of creativity to unlock that same uninhibited sense of freedom — and space. Cue: Gathre play. Filled with playsets, tunnels, and more, this collection was designed to inspire kids to dream big (and get all the wiggles out).

Because when their imaginations are wideeee open, the possibilities are endless. The playroom becomes a solar system, a library, a wild jungle, a boat sailing the seas… Never mind that ceiling above you — the sky’s the limit!

Below, you’ll find seven ideas to kickstart those endless hours of fun (all involving Gathre, of course).



01 Create a Reading Haven

A wide world of imagination awaits inside the pages of their favorite books. For little ones learning to read or an already-budding bookworm, set up a comfy spot for them to read with a Play Tent - and don't forget plenty of Floor Cushions and Padded Mats to make it extra cozy.


02 Build a Fort

There’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned fort. Seriously, even as adults, these hideaways will always be, well, cool! So grab some blankets, Playset pieces, and Tumbling Mats — and see what you can build together.


03 Train like a Champion

Energic kiddos will love this one: the ultimate obstacle course. Have them race through a creative arrangement of Tunnels + Ball Pits — and track their time. You might even make a competition of it and invite their friends to join in on the fun.


04 Learn and Vroom

Let’s hit the road! Take their toy cars out on “the town” with our Padded Playmats. Featuring a range of sizes and imaginative designs, these can whisk your little ones away to places near and far — and entertain them all afternoon.


05 Go for Olympic Gold

Balancing games are great for coordination, concentration, and imagination. Try playing gymnast with our Balance Beam, Arc Playset, and Padded Mats (for super soft landings). Don’t forget the award ceremony, where they can always come in first.


06 Stack and Tower

Here’s a unique idea to help them reach new heights. Make a sport of stacking Cubes + Pedestals — building a tower they can continually add to (or, more likely, knock over and re-build) just for fun.  


07 Play Ball  

Kick, roll, pass — with extra peace of mind. Our Play Balls are a softer, indoor-friendly option for them to toss around. See what games your little ones dream up from monkey-in-the-middle to bowling.  


Now, let the games begin! We hope Gathre play can become staples in your home too. Time will fly when they’re having fun — allll in the comfort of the great indoors.

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