Spring comes with a hunger for light, warmth, and that deep exhale after holding your breath through a long winter. As the frost begins to fade, we look to this new season with a renewed imagination for the growing that happens in our homes every single day. The little moments that leave such a lasting impression. The smells, the scenes, the watching, the learning, the listening, the smiles. It's silent, lovely, and when we look back, it’s everything that truly matters.


At Gathre, we believe in the importance of creating space for these worthwhile moments in our children’s lives. Surrounding them with quality pieces that spark joy. Giving them roots to grow. Cultivating their earliest years with a wonder for the world around them. Here we explore the power of play and how our SS24 collection makes space for the kind of growth and discovery that only spring brings.



For expanding imaginations

The Arc and Block Playsets are Gathre staples for a reason. Hundreds actually. You’ll truly be amazed by the endless ways your child will find to stack, sort, slide, and climb with these versatile pieces that are as sturdy and durable as they are beautiful in our new spring colorways. From little crawlers to budding gymnasts or future explorers, they’re the ideal indoor playground collection for living out the magic that goes on in their minds.


Now you see them, now you don’t.

From a parent’s perspective, one of the nicest things about our tunnel is that it’s easily collapsible for simple storage when it’s time to put away. Yet with the grounding hues of our SS24 Collection, we imagine it’ll earn a permanent spot on the playroom floor. Kids love to climb through it, hide in it, read books and make believe all kinds of scenarios with this well crafted, sturdy and durable play piece. From building a secret hideout to an obstacle course, it’s made for hours on end of fun and exploring.


They’ll absolutely have a ball.

Make your house the one all the kids want to come to with this elevated take on a classic, made for hours of fun for the littlest ones through toddler years. Best of all, it doubles as a hang out spot for baby to safely play with mobiles or toy time. Fill it up and let the fun begin.


Functional fun for your family.

Made with Gathre’s signature durable, wipeable leather, our Cubes pull their (light) weight, offering added seating for little bottoms, a tiny table for tea parties, and are perfect for making forts, bridges, obstacle courses, and more. Whatever your kiddos can dream of, they can create, stack, sit and jump off. Plus, they play well with our other signature play pieces.


Every imagination needs a soft place to land.

Cushy memory foam padding makes for the ultimate playmat on the floor, in the crib, in our Ball Pit, or in the middle of the living room where our SS24 colorways gel with your existing aesthetic and decor. Make every moment extra cozy from play time to lounging, crawling, toy time, reading and more.


As we embark on the budding of all that this new season brings, we hope to inspire you to incorporate play into the mix. Offering healthy new routines and habits that allow your children and family to flourish and thrive a little more everyday as you catch glimpses of ground beginning to break, earth shifting for new sprouts, and the lovely promises of wonderful growth that happened, is happening, and is about to happen. For how lovely is the silence of growing things.