Gathre x Mabo

Gathre x Mabo


We admit that beauty matters to us. Both our environment and our personal style have a discernible influence on our inner well-being. Beauty isn’t so much an artful aspiration as it is a spiritual imperative toward comfort and joy.

That’s why our first introduction to Mabo was one of instant devotion. The first time we strolled into the Salt Lake City shop, we knew these are our people. The clear intention, the unapologetic quality, the excellent eye for design: it all spoke to us. We’ve been dressing our babies in their darling bonnets and newborn staples for years.

In fact, we’re so devout in our fondness for the brand that back in the (frantic, exhausting) day when we personally performed all our own photoshoot styling, we ran to the shop ourselves and bought alllll the things to outfit our tiny models in Mabo.

Mabo’s just always been a perfect fit for Gathre’s aesthetic.


As we approached this Gathre x Mabo collaboration, we knew we wanted it to focus not just on babies, but on moms, too. We also knew we wanted to offer it for the holidays — when moms are busy thinking of others’ comfort and joy, and sometimes need a little reminder of it for themselves.

In the season of celebration, Mommy + Me Pajamas paired with Midi Mat and a Bib felt like the perfect combination for joyful nibbling, lounging, cuddling, and memory-making. And the simple, sophisticated floral motif, inspired by mid-century Japanese woodblocking, was the essential nod to organic, timeless beauty — a priceless family moment, materialized.

Our hope for you and yours is that beauty, comfort + joy are with you always, in this season and (especially) in all of life’s seasons to come.

Jess + Mare

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