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Activity Mats

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Other All-Purpose Mats

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Bonded leather is a luxurious material that is extremely soft. Our bonded leather is water impermeable, regulates well in the heat and is stain resistant. The top surface of our mats is made with a synthetic layer of polyurethane. This allows for it to wipe clean easily and maintain high resistance to stains. The backside is a soft suede leather. Our bonded leather contains 72% faux-leather and 28% natural leather fibers.


Solid Colors:

Clean the mat promptly after use with wet rag and soapy water.

Avoid acrylic paints, markers, and pens and scissors.

Do not machine wash or iron.

Place in warm sun for an hour or so to remove wrinkles.

Air out to dry before folding to store.


Printed Designs: 

The designed mats in this collection are digitally printed on the leather, so additional caution is recommended when folding and cleaning.


Tracy E. Tracy E.
"This was my first purchase of a Gathre mat, and let me tell you...they're like potato chips--you can't have just one! One of the first things we did with it was have a little picnic on the living room floor with our five year old son. We also use it as a playmat -- have played match games on it, played with our kinetic sand on it, made a zoo on it with little toy animals, made monster jam arenas on it. We've also rolled him up into a kid burrito using the Gathre mat as the tortilla! Haha! My point is this mat is beautiful, functional, durable and has multiple uses. I'm certain we will enjoy it for a long time to come!"
Ashley M. Ashley M.
"My husband doesn't understand my excitement for these mats. He wonders why we can't just use a blanket at the beach or park but he's not the one that has to wash sand and grass out of the blanket. I love that I can just pick it up, wipe clean if needed, fold it and I'm done! But it is so much more than a beach or park mat. We've used it for an indoor picnic, when potting plants, building Legos on top of for easy cleanup and we've only had them a week!! I'm so happy with my purchase but fear I may have started an addiction. Ha!"
Carissa D. Carissa D.
"I am a huge fan of Gathre! They always provide the most beautiful mats but also excellent customer service! We love all our mats and I'm always looking for an excuse to get more!! Perfect gifts, perfect changing mats, tummy time, picnics, laying on the floor... everything really! I've got one with me all the time. 100% love these mats!!"
Kristen Kristen
"I have purchased a Gathre mat in almost every size. However, I really enjoy this mini size for it's versatility. Although it is great for catching food, I get more use out of it by taking it out and about. It's a great size to pull out and sit with my 3rd child during my other kids' activities. He has room for tummy time and rolling over, or we can sit together and play with toys without touching the floor. It folds up nicely and takes up minimal space."



“Paint, finger nail polish, the messiest and stickiest of foods, beach sand, all of it... It all just wipes right off! A mother’s dream! I’m kind of bothered we are only now figuring this out!"


“We use our mat for beach trips throughout the summer. It has become a staple. The mat is waterproof, durable, and great for hanging in the sand all day long.”


“I love it when mamas come out with products that solve problems and look so nice. These awesome, durable mats are totally waterproof and the sand brushed right off."



Are the mats safe for my children?
Yes. All mats are California Prop 65 compliant and contain no lead or harmful chemicals.
Is there anything I shouldn’t use on my mat?
Avoid acrylic paints and opt for water soluble paint. Take care that you do not use markers or ball point pens directly on the mat. And be mindful with scissors and other sharp object as they may cut the mat.
How do I clean my mat?
Spot treat on the top and bottom sides of the mat. Using a paper towel, cleaning wipe, or soapy rag, clean off area until the mess is gone.