Wondering which mat is right for you? We put together some basic tips to simplify the shopping process and help ensure that you love what you get. 

Finding Your Size


We offer four basic mat sizes: MicroMicro+MiniMini+Midi, Midi+ and Maxi
If the size has a plus sign next to it (i.e. Mini+, Midi+) that means its width has been extended so it's more rectangle in shape instead of square. 
Here's our size chart, so you can get a feel for each one:


Because our mats are all-purpose, it can be tough to specify exactly what each size is used for. We asked our customers to tell us some of the ways they use each size, and their responses blew us away!

Check out each post for ideas on how you'd use each size:  

Bonded Vs. Vegan

We offer two basic mat styles to cater to differing needs. This blog post gives a breakdown of each, so you can pick which you prefer.  


The Swatch Studio

Can't decide which color? Weighing a solid against a print? Our Swatch Studio lets you compare and contrast colors in your swatch palette. 


You can also order up to 3 leather swatches for just the cost of shipping.

Still have questions? Email our customer service team at [email protected], or join our loyalty program and VIP Facebook group, Gathred. Our community is full of helpful Gathre fans who are happy to share advice.