A Million Ways To Midi

A Million Ways To Midi

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We created The Midi as an all-purpose mat that would offer the best in look, feel, and function.

Medium sized for maximum versatility, it’s small enough to be incredibly portable while still boasting enough space to seat the whole family.

When we asked our customers for their favorite ways to use their Midi, it only proved further how versatile this mat is—made to evolve with your family’s needs for years and years to come!

Your Favorite Ways To Use Midi:

At Home:

1: Under the stool when I'm cutting my boys' hair.

2: As a tablecloth on our ottoman for movie nights!

3: It's our under the bed life-saver when our kids have a stomach bug.

4: On the floor during bath time to catch all the splashes.

5: It's the perfect size for a little rug on our balcony.

6: It protects our antique teak coffee table from my kids' activities—and it looks so good doing it!

7: I use these as sheets after the dogs have been bathed—better for drying and less mess.

8: As extra padding when doing my at home workouts on our very hard floors!

9: I have used it for the door entrance! Rainy/mud season over here.

10: In our office under the desk chair so it's easy to move!



11: It's always lining the trunk of my SUV to keep the carpet clean when we load messy stuff (potting soil, pool toys, our cooler when we picnic).

12: At hotels we hang it over the headboard so when I nurse I don't have to touch the headboard.

13: We make sure to bring them to food truck roundups, since seating is usually limited!

14: Black-out curtain for our babe’s room when her room was right next to a super bright street lamp on vacation.



15: We use it to keep our baby clean at the beach.

16: Camping! Instantly clean floor in the tent, and great place to lay out your sleeping bag to watch the stars.

17: Perfect tablecloth for nasty picnic tables.

18: We've definitely used it as a family umbrella in sudden downpours.

19: Hiking! Always nice to plop down and lay our snacks out.

20: I am currently sitting on it on my outdoor furniture as the “pollen protector.” My allergies are bad enough just being outside, I don’t need to be wearing the pollen all day!

21: Ours always goes on the boat with us.

22: To watch soccer practice! Keeps us comfortable and dry.


Creativity & Hobbies:

23: We used ours in our wedding! Stood on it during the ceremony. Such a nice memory every time we use it now.

24: I use it as a photo backdrop when I take photos of my babe.

25: To re-pot plants when it’s still cold outside—where I live that’s half the year!

26: Just used it in my son's school talent show. It helped us get approved for speed painting because it was big enough to catch stray paint!

27: Currently using ours to make flower leis for some friends.

28: Carving pumpkins! So much easier than a regular tablecloth, stays put better than a garbage bag and clean up is so easy.

29: I’ve used it so many times for crafting—the scraps of fabric, paper, thread, etc are so much easier to clean up on the Midi.



30: My barely-two-year-old knows to grab hers if she wants to play with Play Doh.

31: My daughter loves snuggling under it when she pretends to put her stuffed animals to bed.

32: For our four year old's tea parties and my twins' snack trough.

33: Under my kids' sensory table for the easiest play ever!

34: My daughter loves playing with tiny bead crafts. I let her go to town on the mat, then use it as a funnel to pour all the tiny pieces back into the bucket.

35: Under the kiddie pool in the living room so we can play with water beads in the long winter months.

36: As a superhero cape!

37: When our daughter wants to give her toys a “bath”, we pop the Midi underneath her!

38: To sit on the driveway while playing with chalk.

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