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Originally we described Maxi as “the first portable foundation for gathering that doesn't sacrifice function for the sake of style.” Think a tarp, only pretty, or a blanket that wipes off easily and won't soak through.

While we do love Maxi as a glorified picnic blanket, like most of our other sizes, we’ve been surprised (and impressed) by all the creative ways our customers have thought to use this mat.

It may be our largest size, but there are still a million ways to use Maxi. 

Your Favorite Ways To Use Maxi: 


1: It's our "safe zone" when playing backyard tag.

2: To cover each other up while changing out of our swimsuits at the beach!

3: For mulberry picking—we put it under the tree and shake it so the berries fall on a clean surface.

4: In the bed of the truck when we stargaze.

5: We've even used ours as a makeshift tent!

6: As an outdoor projector screen! It sure makes movie day more fun.

7: As a slip and slide! Worked like a charm.

8: We bring it to all our outdoor sporting events.

9: It's a dream at the beach—sand shakes off so easily and all 6 of us have a space of our own.

10: For claiming land at an outdoor concert.

11: We tied it up to be a giant hanging basket when picking all the apples from our tree.

12: Campground tarp—for those “open air” nights when you just want to sleep under the sky.

13: I’ve used it for a study picnic with my friends! Big enough to fit a couple of us, plus snacks.


At home:

14: We hang it up as a blackout curtain in our super light-sleeper toddler's bedroom. She has slept through the entire night ever since!

15: As a rug in the mud room so our wooden floors don't get damaged.

16: It's our centralized place for homework time.

17: It's our designated living room dance floor (per my two year old's instructions).

18: To cover my bed while I dust the fan above it.

19: For nighttime potty training as a mattress cover.

20: We used ours for my home birth.

21: On top of our bed sheets during movie night so I don't have to sleep on all the pieces of popcorn my kids drop.

22: To fold clean laundry on!

23: Folded up as a booster seat for my toddler to sit at the table.

24: Under our kitchen table when we are eating any type of rice—clean up is so much easier! 



25: It protects our trunk from the sandy stroller after beach trips.

26: To protect our floors from scratches while putting together IKEA furniture!

27: While sanding down and refinishing our kitchen cabinets so the mess didn't get all over the floor!

28: In the car after the dog park! Keeps the car clean from all the sand, mud, sticks and who know what else our golden brings back with her.

29: As protection over my round glass coffee table so my toddler doesn’t scratch it with his toys.

30: I used ours this past New Year's Eve! It caught all the confetti and I let the kids go wild throwing it all over the living room.

31: We've used it as a piano cover.

32: I use mine to clean out my pet cage inside the house. I take apart the cage and clean it all out right on my Maxi so everything stays nice and clean.


Recreation & play:

33: For family yoga time!

34: My littles love to play pretend with our circle Maxi. It has been an imaginary swimming pool, ice skating rink, and even a portal to another dimension!

35: Remember the parachute game from elementary school P.E. class? A Maxi is a WAY cuter parachute.

36: We drape it over some trees in our back yard and it creates the best tree house/fort ever! Makes that childhood magic oh so easy.

37: We love it as a large surface for big messy art projects.

38: Love it on a concrete driveway to protect little baby knees during outside play.



39: We used it for our family photo shoot in the fall. It was perfect! Even matched our outfits.

40: I used it at my baby shower to sit on while opening presents.

41: A designated playground on the dirty airport floor during long layovers. Everyone walks by, stops, then says something along the lines of, “now THAT looks like paradise."

42: If you roll it up you can use it similar to a dock-a-tot!

43: For planting indoors.

44: We use it to practice writing letters and shapes with shaving cream.

45: I used last week as a nursing cover during a little league baseball game when it was cold and windy.

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