We offer two basic mat styles to cater to differing preferences. Here's a breakdown of each, so you can pick which fits your needs.


The original Gathre mat was designed to evoke the feeling of genuine leather while adding the convenience of faux.

Buttery soft faux leather is fused with durable flocked (or "bonded") suede. We think of the suede backing like the bottom of a shoe—meant for hard wear with no need to be cleaned.

Genuine look. Vegan functionality. Best of both worlds.


Our Vegan mats are double-sided for maximum functionality, plus the added bonus of being truly vegan. 

Two pieces of faux leather are fused together, creating a "double-sided" mat. The 'back' side still features hang tags and does not have a Gathre deboss.

Double soft. Double wipeable. Absolutely vegan.

So which is best for you?

If wipeability is your primary goal, we recommend going Vegan, but note that since it is 'double-sided' your Vegan mat may not fold down quite as small, and will weigh slightly more than the Bonded Leather mats. 

If you use your mat on the go a lot, Bonded Leather may be better for you since it is lighter and folds down more compactly. 

Really your style choice comes down to personal preference. If you want more input from Gathre customers, we recommend signing up for our loyalty program Gathred and browsing or posting a question to our Facebook page Gathre Round. 

Last but not least:

Please note that Vegan mats will be priced higher than Bonded Leather mats, and are not always available online since they tend to sell out quickly.

We're always working to bring more Vegan options to our store, so be sure to follow along on Instagram for the latest product updates!