Gathre Creatives ft. Jay Warren

Gathre Creatives ft. Jay Warren

As we’ve reflected on art and how it’s made we’ve spent plenty of time thinking about the incredible artists and creatives that we work with. We love to see how our different #Gathrecreatives are defining art in their own everyday lives.


How do you create art? Give us your elevator pitch for what you offer to the world. What mediums do you like to use, what is your style, just give us the low-down as if we haven't already been obsessed with you for a while now.  

My name is Jay Warren and my music re-ignites a belief in real love. I use lyrics and melodies that challenge my audience to want more than the superficial in their relationships. Also, I've got a pretty impressive falsetto.


"The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing." Marcus Arelius. This was one of our favorite quotes. We find beauty in the hard times. Share your thoughts on this, and give our followers an insight into a time when you were wrestling with life. 

 I believe life is only fulfilling if you’re pursuing a goal, and the more difficult the goal the more fulfilling your life becomes. Anyone that has ever accomplished a goal knows that it’s quite difficult. So, life is certainly not a dance. It’s an uphill battle in the pursuit of something greater than you currently are or a place better than your current destination. Marrying Annie has taught me so much and made my life so much more fulfilling. The goal of having a successful and harmonious marriage takes commitment, time, energy, and wrestling with the mind of another person and with one’s self.

What are your earliest memories in making life art? How do you remind yourself to find beauty in the everyday during this phase of your life?

In second grade I realized I could sing and I haven’t looked back since. Right now the beauty in my life is found in order. A checklist with everything crossed off that I could manage that day is one of my favorite sights.


Speaking of art, do you have any favorite artists? If you're not an art person, what inspires you to create? Tell us more.

 The inspiration to create comes from within for me. It’s like this feeling of “If you’re not creating, why do you exist?” It seems quite clear to me that I was born with a certain set of abilities and then chose to develop those and now I’m obligated by the universe to create with those abilities. 

We see our products as forms of art themselves. How do you see Gathre products as art in your home? Whether it's a tapestry, poster, cushion, or mat. Tell us how they bring art and elevation to your life.

 We have a play mat for the boys and since play is the beginnings of imaginative creation the mat provides that -- a canvas for the boys first creations.


We've been thinking a lot about having a few elevated pieces rather than a bunch of stuff, when it comes to home, clothing, everything. Any advice on how to appreciate quality over quantity?

I think we often confuse the words quality and expensive. I think the first step to appreciating the quality things in your life is deciding what is important to you. Which relationships are most important, what articles of clothing allow you to be your best self, what items in your home do you really appreciate. Surround yourself with the people and things that bring most light into your life. They don’t need to be expensive things, but they need to be meaningful.


Lastly, give us your take on the quote "To make living itself an art, that is the goal."
Art is meant to be admired, so we should aim to have lives that can be admired. Create a life worth aiming for.





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