SS21 Campaign Intro

SS21 Campaign Intro

What is art? As much as we love a good philosophical question, we’re honestly interested in finding an answer. 

We’ve been thinking about this question a lot lately, especially as we’ve been preparing for our SS21 launch (!!). As we’ve reflected on art and how it’s made we’ve spent plenty of time thinking about the incredible artists and creatives that we work with. We love to see how our different creatives use our products; their art and their processes are mesmerizing.


But, we’ve also thought a lot about you, our customers! We’ve thought about our Gathre team, our friends, our babies and children, our partners, anyone who uses and loves our products in one (art) form or another. You might be thinking to yourself…”I’m no artist, I don’t use Gathre products for ‘art,’ I’m not ‘creative’ enough.” 

Oohh but we’d disagree.

We love getting tagged in your posts when you’ve placed a Gathre product perfectly in your home, or when you’re using a Gathre mat for the cutest tea party, or any of the lovely moments in your hectic life that you’ve so beautifully used a Gathre product in. Your ability to design your space (wherever that space may be), bouncing babies and tireless toddlers in tow, is nothing short of inspiring. 


Making space for the magical, even in the mundane, that’s one of our goals at Gathre. And not to get too Taylor Swift on you, but the more we do this the more we see how truly beautiful life is, even when it’s messy or frustrating or just plain boring. 

So before you look at your “creative” and “artsy” friends with curiosity and, ok let’s be honest, a little bit of envy, we want you to look at yourself and see all of your own creations. Do you love cooking? You’re a chef. Do you enjoy singing in your car? You’re a musician. Do you like working in your garden? You’re a florist. Do you throw the cutest parties for your littles? You’re a renowned party planner. Do you see where we’re going with this? ( You’re smart ;) )


As we’ve pondered on what art is we’ve come to this conclusion: it’s anything that moves you, anything that you find beautiful. It doesn’t have to be a painting or a sculpture; it can be a clean home at the end of a busy day, it can be putting together a cute but practical outfit, or arranging the decor on that awkward shelf that you’ve now made look really good. Art is anywhere and everywhere. It isn’t strictly made by artists, it’s made by you. As we’ve focused on art, beauty, and creation we’ve seen it just about everywhere we’ve looked. 

“To make living itself an art, that is the goal.” It feels like Henry Miller was looking right into our souls when he penned that. We’re setting the intention right here and right now to see our own lives as the spectacular artwork that they are. We are creative. We are inspired. We are artists. And we’d love for you to join us! As we launch our Spring/Summer 2021 line we hope you find ways to use our products that will make you feel good and make your space feel beautiful (even when you see your two year old wiping their little hands all over it.) 


Cheers, to creating something extraordinary out of the ordinary.


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