5 Fresh Starts We’re Counting on This Spring

5 Fresh Starts We’re Counting on This Spring

Spring is optimism, nature’s do-over — a chance to start again: renewed and refreshed. It’s the fresh start you meant for January, but somehow all the snow’s melting, and how are these boxes still unchecked? Do-over.

A fresh start is trudging in mud, stepping in puddles, and just deciding it’s a great day for laundry. Maybe it was an overcast year, or a crabby morning that really can’t be blamed on the lack of sleep. That tantrum at the store — oh, yours or the kids’? About that.

We’re not meant to be perfect, but we’re meant to grow. This season is permission to reset. And all it takes for a fresh start — is planting a seed.Here are 5 fresh starts we’re counting on (and looking forward to) this season… with the hope that you’ll discover you can count on them, too.

home mats

Speaking of things meant for January… anyone else still need to start on those resolutions? Rather than being hard on ourselves for items left on the to-dos and to-starts, we can choose grace and begin any time of year.

Spring truly is the perfect season to shake (and stretch out) those winter blues. Movement can be medicine — and helps us feel more balanced and strong. So yes, we’re starting our workout and yoga goals this month because why not now?

Get moving with a Home Mat in Palm.

Being together isn’t meant only for the holidays. Truth is, we can feel connected with our community any time of year — it just takes a bit of intention. So break out your seasonal dishware and decor to set the table for just-because time with the ones you love.

The time we spend around a table — hosting, providing, nurturing, and simply talking — has a way of refreshing our hearts and rejuvenating our spirits.

Give guests a warm welcome with a Tablecloth in Fable.


As much as we love cozy, winter months, there is truly nothing like the first days of spring. Each year, those last few snow days (ugh!) build up quite the anticipation for blooming flowers, longer days, and more time outside. And as the earth warms up — we love to head outdoors to reconnect with nature, sun on our skin and an undeniable spring in our step.

So put on that sunscreen and go outside. It’s officially patio-, park-, and picnic-weather!

Bask in the sunlight with a Maxi in Millet.

floor cushion

Let’s be honest. After a busy holiday season of gifting, gathering, and celebrating — we have a tendency to jump into the new year a little too quickly. It can feel like a whirlwind getting back into the swing of things, and we simply forget to take a break.

With the shifting of seasons comes a reminder that it’s okay to pause. The year will fly by if we don’t make the mindful decision to be present. So go ahead, cuddle up in a corner with something soft and comfy. Linger an hour or two. Your future self will thank you for making space to rest and relax — plus, you deserve it!

Cozy up with a Floor Cushion in Lake.

storage bins

Why yes, it’s the proverbial “spring clean” time of year. And if you’re anything like us, organizing can actually be fun — it’s actually on our love-to-do list. It just feels good to get done. So take the time to tackle those dust bunnies — and, eh hem, put away any lingering holiday decor (we’ve all been there!).

And rather than stuffing drawers and closets with knick-knacks, we love to incorporate stylish bins and wall tidys that add a touch of modern, design-forward convenience to any space.

Organize in style with Storage Bins in Graph.

Now, do you feel it? Newness is in the air.

Spring forward. Start fresh.

It’s the perfect time to nurture and grow into yourself — starting with what brings you joy (yes, you).

Isn't becoming a beautiful thing?

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