Gathre Around: International Women’s Day

Gathre Around: International Women’s Day

As a female-founded and female-run company, we are continuously inspired and empowered by one another — as well as the women we surround ourselves with outside of work. So for us, International Women’s Day is a moment to pause. To look around at all these strong, beautiful, and kind women — and simply celebrate.

And, today, in the spirit of lifting one another up, we’re highlighting a few of the ladies we love — from women on our team to other women-owned brands.

Let’s hear it for (and from) the girls…


“I do love being a woman because the person who has made the greatest impact on my life is my mother. While overwhelming, I know full well it's the mantle of a lifetime to hopefully be half as good to my own four kids.”Marilee

“I love being a woman because it means I get to be a mom.” – Sarah

“There are so many aspects of womanhood that are so incredible, but I think my favorite is being a part of a sisterhood of so many people doing good. Women are magnificent — every woman in my life does so much good, and I have learned so much from each of them!”Courtney

“As a woman, I love the voice, heart, and perspective I bring to the world.”Emily

“I believe womanhood at its best is powerful loyalty, deep connection, mighty influence, and kind community. I see women in my circles exemplify these traits every day, and what a beautiful sight it is. I love that I can help foster these things in the smallest of ways with my own little women.” Eliesa

“I think all women have an innate ability to strike that perfect balance between sensitive and strong — it’s a beautiful and unique thing. I’m so inspired every day by the women I surround myself with — they’re kind and graceful yet powerful and so resilient. They’re an inspiration and make me feel so proud and empowered to be a woman.” Murphy


1) Cuyana

Creating timeless collections for the modern woman — Cuyana is the epitome of quality over quantity. Karla Gallardo and Shipla Shah started the brand to focus on simple, elegant pieces that stand the test of time and are sure to be loved for years to come. We admire Cuyana because they remind us that we don’t have to acquire more to be happy, but rather, fewer things (when made better) can matter much, much more.

2) Parachute

Founded by Ariel Kaye, Parachute creates home goods that design enthusiasts’ dreams are made of. Focusing on all things comfort and quality — we are constantly inspired by the work their team is doing (yes, even the incredibly witty emails they send!). And as fellow homebodies ourselves, we can’t get enough of their commitment to home and taking care of the spaces where we spend our days.

3) Girlfriend Collective

When you hear of a company turning old water bottles into clothes — wonderful, beautiful, and useful clothes — that is something that sticks with you. We admire Girlfriend Collective’s passion for transparency, sustainability, inclusivity, and, of course, quality. No one is doing it quite like them. Plus, how great is it that a relatable need to find ethical women’s leggings for herself led founder, Ellie Dinh, to create a brand that has unified so many women (and men) behind clothing they actually love.

4) Dôen

Sisters Margaret and Katherine Kleveland are the inspiring women behind the nostalgic and timeless pieces Dôen creates. Hearkening back to coastal California of decades past, there is so much to love and swoon over with each of their collections. Plus, their commitment to womanhood and their community challenges us to pursue unapologetic femininity and creativity — and to put ourselves first (sometimes).  

5) Summer Fridays

In addition to having one of the best company names out there, Summer Fridays is thoughtfully reinventing the beauty space with clean, simple, and feel-good products. Co-founders, Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores, inspire us with their passion to make women feel better about their skincare — no matter how much time they can dedicate to a beauty routine. And as busy mamas on-the-go ourselves… that is something we can absolutely rally behind!

6) The Sill

Green-thumbs, gather! Eliza Blank is the creative and inspiring mind behind The Sill — making mood-boosting greenery more accessible to non-horticulturists. Committed to connecting humans to plants (and, therefore, nature), The Sill reminds us to remain grounded and to cultivate a life well-lived — because plants do make people happy, after all.

7) Sakara Life

As women, we believe wholeheartedly in the beauty and purpose of nurturing the ones we love. But as Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle (the creators of Sakura) remind us — it is just as important to care for and nurture ourselves. They founded the brand to provide clean, and easy, eating solutions for anyone and everyone — while elevating the standards for the food industry as a whole.

8) Vitruvi

Inhale. Exhale. (And turn on those diffusers!) Siblings Sara and Sean Panton started Vitruvi to make the benefits of essential oils more accessible and display-worthy for everyday life. Their products reveal that certain aromas can change how we show up for loved ones, work, and even ourselves. The ethos behind Vitruvi is “help women take care of themselves, so they can take on the world.” And in our eyes, that’s good-ole self-care at its finest!

9) The Citizenry 

Since we’ve already confessed that we are 100% homebodies… it likely goes without saying that we find endless inspiration from The Citenzry for beautiful, lasting, and unique home goods. Their products have a way of telling a story — of creators, artisans, designers, home-makers — while also ethically honoring each person involved in the process. We especially love that Carly Nance and Rachel Bentley were inspired to create the brand while friends in college, passionate about travel and positive impact, together. Founding a company with a dear friend… sounds familiar, doesn’t it!

Now, while these are a few of our personal favorites, we know there are so many others. It brings us endless joy to know there is such a vast community of strong, creative women bettering the lives of others with simple products, clever ideas, and (most importantly) caring hearts.

While we have International Women’s Day each year on March 8th, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating women each and every day — for all that we are and all that we’ll become, together.  


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