As both the decorative icing on the cake — and a protective shield from the actual cake — tablecloths and runners help set the tone of your meal. After all, the table is the beacon of the party, so dressing it well is a must-do! Here’s a basic formula to figure out which cloth size is right for your room.

Determine the Drop
The drop, or material hanging over the table edges, is typically anywhere between 6 and 16 inches — the longer, the more formal. Here are a few handy benchmarks:

  • Everyday kitchen table or home use: 6 – 8 inches
  • Casual meals and parties: 10 inches
  • Formal dinners and events: 15 – 16 inches

A note on table runners: The same drop recommendations apply (i.e., hanging at least 6 inches beyond the edge), but if you’re using both, don’t have your runner hang further than the tablecloth.

Measuring and Math
The first step to getting the size right is, naturally, measuring your table. Then, add whatever drop length you want to those measurements. For example:

Rectangle tables
If your table is 34" x 100" (seats 8), and you want a 10" drop on all sides, the math looks like this:

34" width + 10" on left + 10" on right = 54" wide
100" length + 10" at head + 10" at foot = 120" long

So the tablecloth dimensions you need are 54" x 120" or, in other words, a 10-foot tablecloth.

Round tables
Have a circular table? Just measure the diameter and add your drops. Let’s say your table is 60" in diameter. If you want a 10" drop on all sides, the math looks like this:

60" diameter + 10" on “left” + 10" on “right” = 80" diameter

So you’d need a cloth that’s an 80-inch circle — or a Maxi Circle.

Choose Your Tablecloth
Our tablecloths come in 8-foot and 10-foot rectangular dimensions. But if you’re looking for something round, try the Maxi Circle. Something a little smaller? Go for the Midi+ Mat at a 6-foot length — perfect for smaller tables.

Similarly, our table runners are available in 6-, 8-, and 10-foot lengths.

As always, we’re here if you need any help choosing which size is right for your space or event. (And you know we definitely want to see it all gussied up in action!)

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