Word of the Month - March

Word of the Month - March

When I was a little girl I was horrible at spelling. I did poorly on all of my spelling tests and I always lost points on assignments for misspelled words. I remember talking to my dad and telling him that I hated spelling because I was so bad at it. His response was one that I still think about from time to time, “you’re not bad at spelling, you’re just so creative that you can think of other ways to spell words.” 

Have you ever wondered if maybe you’re not actually bad at (cooking, painting, designing, decorating, gardening, etc) but you’re just so creative that you have your own cool, unique way of doing it? 



Our Spring/ Summer 2021 collection has us really celebrating the creativity that lives within each of us. We asked you guys how you find creativity and you told us about playing games with your children, making and finding good food, baking, tending to your plants, being outdoors, the list goes on. After all, every single one of us is creating every single day. 

You’re so beautifully making your own life art, every day, as you create the life you love. Imagination, beauty, creativity, those aren’t traits only found in skilled artists, those are traits that you are embodying everyday. As you find ways to get your toddler to eat more veggies or make up games for your bored five year old, you are more creative than you know. 

So this month we are celebrating creativity in all its forms and we’re making sure you know that your creativity is unmatched. You’re not bad at (fill in the blank), you just have your own creative way of doing it. Only you can create the type of life you want. Only you can fill your life with beauty and art and joy. And you’re doing a really good job at it!


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