We shared this Confucius quote on our instagram story because it spoke to us on a deep level: “Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” Boy, could we use some more confidence and OH boy, could we use some more peace. We’re learning that part of the journey towards personal peace is accepting that there are many (many) things out of our control. But instead of becoming overwhelmed or frustrated by these things, we then redirect our focus, attention, and energy on the handful of things that we can control. 


For example, we can’t “control” world peace. It’s a huge undertaking that is complex and multifaceted (something even Miss America is still working on) and we may never experience it in our lifetimes. As much as we long for global peace it’s just simply not within our control. But, do you know what is? Our own ability to make peace with those around us as well as with ourselves. Education is the key to opening many great and wonderful doors and peace is one of them. So this month, we’ve focused on this very thing: how do we educate ourselves? Should we go back to school? Should we sign up for some classes? 

We asked you guys how you educate yourselves and you really schooled us! The most popular answers: reading, talking, and experiencing. 




Author George R. R. Martin said “The reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.” The beauty of reading is that it can take you to another place and give you insights into experiences that you’d never be exposed to otherwise. Reading helps us develop empathy and compassion as we get to know characters or see an event through the lens of another. Whether you prefer fiction, nonfiction, biographies, poems, reading is an incredible way to educate yourself.


So many of you said that talking with others is how you educate yourself and we love this answer! Speaking with people is a concept that is being slowly lost in our society of quick texts and tweets, but actually opening our mouths to converse with another person can be so beneficial. Talking, asking questions, listening, these tools allow us to become better educated on the personal experiences of those around us and to express our own thoughts in a very healthy way.


“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions,” wise words from Wendall Holmes Jr., supreme court justice. Getting out of our comfort zones and having our own experiences is a powerful way to become educated. Whether it’s traveling to a new country or going to a new park, personal experiences help us see different perspectives and understand new points of view.

To educate is often confused with receiving formal education, and while learning math, science, and history in a classroom is incredibly important, education should not (and truly cannot) stop after graduation. If this month taught us anything it’s that we can, do, and should be learning something new everyday and with every new thing learned we take one step closer to confidence, hope, and peace. Here’s to hoping our education is never over!


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