What is a Gathre Home Mat?

What is a Gathre Home Mat?

We launched our original yoga mat on Kickstarter three years ago because we wanted a Mommy + Me Yoga mat in our vegan leather and prints. In the middle of home renovations we somehow put one of our new yoga mats in front of a door here, or near a kitchen sink or bathroom vanity there. They became more than just a yoga mat to us. With those use cases in mind, we knew we needed to rebrand the name.

Transitioning from a yoga mat to our newly named home mat has been seamless. We removed a top film that was meant for extra grip in yoga, and now our home mats are made from the exact vegan leather you've grown to love from Gathre. We've adjusted the sizes and opened a variety of colors and prints. But we'll stop talking now and let our customers show some of our favorite uses of our home mats:

"Though the name has changed and a few improvements to the mat have been made, these home mats are still fulfilling their origin purpose and creation for exercise, activity, meditation." -Sarah T. 

"Our home mats are also a major upgrade from you mother-in-law's anti-fatigue mats placed anywhere you might stand for longer periods of time: kitchen sink, bathroom vanity, laundry room, or stand-up desk. But the gains you make in aesthetic aren't forfeited in functionality. That thick tree rubber backing is dense, cushy, while maintaining its springs shape." -Ashley C.

"If your kids are like ours they trek in tracking messes every season of the year. We've loved having a home mat by the front door to catch muddy boots or wet snow gear. Because they don't need to be laundered just wiped clean, they a way more durable and look nicer than a rug." -Melissa A. 

We hope your home mats bring a little extra pep in your step and beauty in your home. They are one of the most versatile products we make, and we're sure you'll love them. Shop Home Mats here

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