The Floor’s Got More

The Floor’s Got More

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When it comes to interacting with your children, the floor is where it’s at. It’s where they are, so it’s where you need to be, too. Because although kids can play on their own, it means more when their adults play with them. It’s not just imagination, it’s interaction. It’s relationship-building; it’s memory-making. Active parenting, it turns out, requires action from parents (that’s you). 


Mother and Son eating popcorn on mat


But, as tired as you are, playing with your children is more than a duty — it’s a joy. It’s conversation and insight, a sure-thing way to get to know the little people you love the most. They need you to get on the floor with them, to ask questions and take directions, to invent imaginary friends and slay imaginary dragons. They need to know that you respect their play as the age-appropriate work of becoming it is. 
Encourage children to play. Encourage yourself to play with them. 


PlaymatWooden ToysMini Floor CushionLeather Storage Bins


Our new Playmats are all sorts of “about town” fun. 


Add some Wooden Toys for the full transit experience. 


Mini Floor Cushions keep everyone comfy en route. 


Storage Bins are our version of the Bus Barn.


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