kids playing on arc set

Hey, friends! We’re so thrilled you love our Arc Playset as much as we do! We thought we’d give you a peek into the work we’ve put into this product over the last few years, because who doesn’t love a good behind-the-scenes?

Many active toys have come onto the market in recent years, and we wanted to try our hand at creating (a better) one for Gathre. As you know and love, our standards are very high for both function and beauty. We wanted to make something that feels lively and engaging for all kiddos; that isn’t gendered or only for babies; that’s both creatively challenging, as well as soft and sturdy; that’s waterproof and wipeable (a mom must); and — this is imperative — that looks fab in all the rooms of the house.

kids playing on arc set

A few summers ago, we started sketching, Pinning, dreaming, iterating. We wanted to create something mobile to encourage movement and active play, and kept coming back to the classic architectural element of the arch. We landed upon a set of three nesting pieces that allow for balance challenges, tunnels, boat rocking, and play.

The sampling process was messy, as it always is. The foam was too thin, too soft, too heavy, or wouldn’t maintain its necessary structure. Stitching took some finessing. Sizing needed to be just right for the under-5s who’ll most likely be using the Playset. And, finally, after years of tweaks, we received a sample we both brought home to our families.

arc set

They flipped out. The Arc Playset was a major, instant hit.

The Arc Playset is probably the product of 2021 that we’re most proud of, because it took so much work to get just right. We’re truly delighted that you’re as excited about it as we are.


Mare + Jess