Pewter As Superpower

Pewter As Superpower

Beauty lives in contrast. Pairing tradition with the unexpected creates feels-right interest and that extra, intangible something that reads true on a cellular level. You may not be able to explain why or how, but you just know it works.

That’s why colors and pieces that span the ages and all the trends are best bets for long-term love and a lasting relationship.


Our best-selling Pewter colorway is a shade for both now and then. It’s the timeless, ageless color to blend with all your coming-and-going-going-gone furnishings. Because that oh, so cool chartreuse velvet sofa may not last you until retirement, but Pewter will. And one day your babies will be grown, but your Gathre products will still be holding up beautifully.

Choosing a colorway that’s versatile is key when buying a classic, because you’ll have it forever. And Pewter has been our most popular gray for years, it’s that good. It’s a gorgeous gray with slightly green undertones, making it the perfect pair with all our Naturals, as well as a crazy-good contrast with anything in the pink/red/orange family.

pewter pouf and micro

Our perfect Pewter will never do you wrong. It’s your quiet, reserved friend who has the zingiest one-liners. (One doesn’t have to say a lot to say it well.) It’s your navy blazer or little black dress or diamond studs; that is, always a good choice. It’s your law degree with a drama minor ― practical but punchy.

And, most of all, when it comes to scaling the ages or climbing the cliff tops of trend:

Pewter is power.

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