Congrats! You’ve survived the infant stage and have moved into that phase of life where you’ve always got a small person (or two) hanging on your every word and every limb. You are in the thick of parenting active kids. They are everywhere, doing everything, all the time. Your role at this stage is a cross between long-term strategist and cleanup-on-aisle-6.


Your days go by incredibly slowly, but you have no idea where the time went, because it moved so fast. This makes sense in some strange way that only parents understand.


We know. Not only have we been there ― we’re still there. We love it, and we’re overwhelmed by it, just like you are. But we also happen to have a few great tips in our rolled-up sleeves, because making the mundane manageable so we can live beautiful lives? That’s what we do.


By far, a favorite place for a Home Mat is beside the bathtub. Save your knees while bathing littles. (Note: little ones can slip when wet, so please have a towel or other type of bathmat nearby for their feet.)


The Tablecloth never leaves the table. It’s the hub for family life, used for every meal, craft, and snack. Wipe it down, and it’s ready for more action.


We use Bins, Bins, Bins every single day. The various sizes are perfect for homeschool supplies, Schleich animals, hats in the closet, multiple diaper stations (add a Micro Mat), and so much more. So useful. So pretty.


The Padded Micro+ Mat is helpful when you’ve got a preschooler who refuses to be potty trained and is just a touch too tall to not bonk her head on the changing table.


Fresh air and a change of scenery are vital to the good humor required in good parenting. A Midi Mat is a great size for getting outside with kids. Sit anywhere without worrying about wet bums or muddy chicken nuggets.


The new Arc Playset! A lifesaver for littles with wiggles, and pretty enough for Mom’s design sensibilities, too.


Our Wall Tidy is the prettiest little mother’s helper. In the bathroom, near the changing table, for your teen’s room, in the hall closet…


Place a Pouf in every room, and put your feet up (you deserve it!). Because all day long, your kids sit/jump/roll all over it and it’s still clean. Beautiful + functional is every parent’s dream.


Your kids are always underfoot; why not make it a fun, educational experience? Wooden Magnet Letters keep them occupied while you make dinner. (Or, after a verrrrry long week, you can use them for coded SOS messages to your other half.)


For those years when someone is always on the floor, the Padded Mat comes to the rescue. Crawl, wrestle, tumble, stumble, watch TV, cuddle the dog ― this thing is there for it all.

Now, we want to know. What are your parenting essentials?