Open Book: Gathre Book Club

Open Book: Gathre Book Club

Gathre Book Club Logo (EST. 2021)

As it did for you, Covid threw us for a loop. Suddenly we were working remotely and, while we managed to keep projects moving forward, we missed each other on a personal level — that particular camaraderie that comes from office chats, on-going jokes, hallway salutes, affectionate pranks, and communal treats.

We needed an uplifting group endeavor to bind us together as people, not just as colleagues. Something to talk about that wasn’t related to work or the pandemic. And so the Gathre Book Club was born.

Because our Book Club discussions became part of our weekly staff meeting, we figured our selections should be productivity- or business-focused. (See a few of the books we’ve learned from, below.) But we’ve enjoyed that common pursuit and participation so much that we’ve decided to expand our genres and invite our community to join us in reading together. 

Creativity Inc. Book Front Cover
Shoe Dog Book (Front Cover)
Radical Candor Book (Front Cover)
Dare to Lead Book (Front Cover)

We’d love to hear from you! What’s on your to-read list? Which books have you loved so much that you tell everyone about them? What reads would lead to insightful conversations and expanded perspectives?

Please nominate a few options for us to choose from, and we’ll announce our next book and reading schedule. Comment or DM us and let us know what would be a great book to read as a community — all genre, title, and subject suggestions are welcome.

We’re looking forward to reading, learning, and discussing together with you!

Gathre: We’re an Open Book (Club).


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