Gathre started with a Mat. But as our children and families grew, we expanded our product line along with our needs, and found that the same beauty, durability, and functionality that served us so well in the park also serves us well at home.

We value beauty ― we just don’t want to have to deal with constant maintenance in order to enjoy it. And if home is where the heart is (and we certainly think it should be), then home is also where low-maintenance beauty should be.

father and son with pillows

We believe a home of durable, functional, and comfortable elegance is not too much to ask. Because easy comfort and drama-free style make us available for what truly matters most: drawing people closer together.

We prize relationships highly enough that we named our company Gathre so we’d never lose sight of what’s important. Our products address the practical requirements of life, so you can focus your energy on loving people.

Our Home Goods practice what they preach:

wall tidy


“requires no forethought” is our kind of organization

storage bin


toss it all in so it looks intentional, then move on with life

mini floor cushion


cuddle, wrestle, kneel, nap



put your feet up and have a meaningful chat