Merry Christmas to You!

Merry Christmas to You!

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There’s fresh snow falling, still with that magical quiet only snow and Christmas can bring. And opposing the stillness, another year has gone in a blink.

Our stomachs lurch and hands get a little tingly thinking of how quickly it whizzed by. It was a year full of all the things you want in a good story (but maybe not necessarily in your life at the moment): struggle, growth, heartache, and... saying triumph is kind of a stretch but how about we say peace? Gratefully and definitely peace. This year has been one big lesson on learning to allow God to write our story into what He wants it to be — begging Him to mind the gaps and help us find the way.

Day by day, we’re still sorting out what that actually looks like, on our knees and in our homes, around the conference table and our kitchen tables. We’re probing heaven for any whisperings, and stepping into the darkness while we wait for the light as best we know how.

At the start of the year, our mantras for 2021 were to feel, love, and surrender. Funny how life serves you up what you ask for, right? Be careful! The feels were a-plenty, #obvs. We’re probably not much closer on mastering loving and surrendering than we were 365 days ago. But, gosh, we’ve been softened and that is a gift this Christmas we’re privileged to find on the other side of experience.

The story isn’t over, yours or ours. The end of the year is just another column or chapter, not the last page. With the aid of a higher power, may we write in kindness and presence as our triumph. May our stories tell of softness and peace. His peace, the Prince of Peace. At year’s close, we pray you’ll recognize how much you’ve shouldered, how better you’ve become, and how deeply you matter. Merry Christmas to you!

Mare + Jess

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