All About Our Leather

All About Our Leather


Every Gathre product is covered in our signature vegan leather. Soft, smooth, and have we mentioned how easy it is to clean? Our leather checks every box.



Gathre products are simply designed and bathed in our soft but sturdy vegan leather, these things are meant to last but to do it with style. Featured in Naturals, seasonal colors, and quarterly capsule collections, we try to cover all our bases. From bold prints to subtle neutrals, there is something for everyone.




Have you heard about how soft our leather is? Because it’s really soft, like creamy, buttery soft. Every Gathre product is made from vegan leather, combining the feel of genuine with the piece of mind faux gives. A feel that is so soft and cozy you could lay a baby on it (and you more than likely will!)





And the best part about any Gathre product? A super easy clean. Our vegan leather wipes clean with nothing more than a quick swipe of a wet wipe. And because every product is leather there’s no more soak-in struggles. Just wipe, or shake, or hose off the day’s activities and then take a load off. One less thing to add to our laundry rotation? Yes, please!







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