It’s Not the Pumpkin Pie

It’s Not the Pumpkin Pie


The idea and intention of Thanksgiving — of radical gratitude — is as brilliant and bold a proposition as we know.

To purposefully step away from the everyday to sit in gratitude, to ponder one’s blessings, to offer sincere thanks for what’s good and right; to ask not for more, but to honor the here-and-now and the what-is: this is healing, this is restorative. This can bring us back to ourselves, as well as to those distanced by time and life.

And, sure, mashed potatoes are restorative, too.

This Thanksgiving, amidst a world still (and always) in turmoil, every one of us has much to be thankful for. In financial straits and health challenges, in family drama and social upheaval, while dealing with all manner of difficulties and constraints: yes, there’s room for gratitude, larger and deeper than we might at first recognize.

It’s the recognition of blessing that brings grace to complex lives and offers benediction in the complication. That’s the sweet spot right there (it’s not actually the pie!).

Not at all surprisingly, Gathre HQ is staffed by real people experiencing the joys and sorrows of real life, just like everyone else. As an exercise in clarity and mission, we asked each team member to share a bit of what’s bringing them peace and reflection this holiday.

We hope you’ll do the same for yourself — bring peace to your own soul through the humble acknowledgement of what’s good. It’s what we’re really gathered ‘round the table for.

Jess: Family, God + forgiveness

Makenzie: My health, my family + a job that allows me to be a present mom

Maddie: My family

Kes: An incredibly loving husband, kind people + (always) dogs

Murphy: Quality time with family + friends, positive life changes + having two jobs I love (Gathre + being a mom)

Hadley: Date nights with my husband, Saturday mornings with my girls + the loveliest colleagues on planet Earth

Sarah: A safe + loving home that I get to raise my babies in

Caroline: A husband + little babe who remind me to keep smiling + to not sweat the small stuff

Cassie: Kindness + pie

Marilee: The crew I get to do life with, a body, Jesus, a stunning planet, the chance to be around humans this year, music + the most incredible team + work that has changed my life

Chelsie: Family + miracles

Sammie: Family, friends + food

Courtney: My family — they mean the world to me

Allyson: Friends who are like family, since we live so far away from our immediate families

Chuy: Family, friends + good food

Jess: People + memories

Makenzie: Tree ornaments + playing cards

Maddie: Snuggles!

Kes: Polaroid photos of family memories

Murphy: Happy memories, positive people + as many Gathre products as my home can hold

Hadley: Comfortable shoes, original art + stamps in my passport

Sarah: Moments that make me cry happy tears

Caroline: Loved ones near + far (thanks to Facetime)

Cassie: Home videos + photos

Marilee: Smile lines, hope, memories to savor when I’m old + gray + food made with love

Chelsie: Decorated cards to send to family across the world

Sammie: Memories + laughter (and making them both last)

Courtney: Things that make me feel cozy: blankets, sweaters, candles, yummy food, mugs, anything hygge

Allyson: Gathering together with our loved ones to play games and have yummy food

Chuy: I gather everyone near me + feed them; food is my love language

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