UGC roundup

Nothing thrills us more than seeing our products being used “in the wild.” We throw our souls and late nights into bringing them to fruition, and then we wait semi-patiently to see how they’re used IRL. It brings us satisfaction and joy to know that others’ lives are enriched by something we conceptualized over tacos and enthusiastic conversation.

Sometimes in life, ideas really do materialize into something wonderful. We love that. And we especially love your ideas of how to use our products in inventive ways on the daily. We’re constantly learning from our community’s knack for solving real-life situations with resourcefulness and flair; the genius ways you use your Gathre products inform our entire brand. Interested in some examples? Okay, challenge happily accepted.

Line your canoe with a Gathre Mat to keep bums warm and dry.

Take out your rainy day wiggles on a Tumbling Mat, instead of on your little sister.

Speaking of tumbling… prevent a muddy faceplant when on location.

We thought Bronze Check was perfect for summer (and it is!), but y’all have discovered that it’s even more ultimate for autumn.

A stroller “umbrella”? We’re air-fiving this brilliant mama.

Organize the spools and tools in the craft room with a Wall Tidy. Suddenly, it’s not your dirty little secret space anymore.

Every treehouse needs amenities to make secret codes and tin can telephones even more compelling.

What imaginative ways have your Gathre products saved you in a pinch? We’d love to hear how you’ve put them to work for you in ways you never saw coming.  

*title shamelessly stolen from a marvelous old Mary Chapin Carpenter song