How to Style Disney and Gathre in Your Home 

How to Style Disney and Gathre in Your Home 

Nursery room with Hundred Acre Wood Poster hanging on the wall

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Disney. Their classic characters and timeless stories have a way of evoking a sense of nostalgia and inspiring kids to dream big. We could all use a bit more boundless wonder and childlike imagination in our lives, right? To us, these pieces are the perfect blend of vintage appeal, playfulness, and modern design.  

Because, if you’re anything like us — wanting to keep our homes as minimal, lovely, and tasteful as possible… It can be tricky to find things for our kids that we don’t mind leaving out in plain sight 24/7. But not to fear! It is possible to create spaces that are fun for little ones and also aesthetically pleasing for you!

Are you with us? Then let’s get to it. Below are a few of our favorite ideas to style Disney in your home, room by room.



The best place to start? Of course, the room that’s MADE for fun: the playroom! Whether an Arc Playset, Block Playset, Tunnel, or (go ahead, dream big) all three — these Disney pieces inspire hours and hours of imaginative fun. And, they look good while doing it. With those essentials in place, round out the space with a few mats (Padded or regular!) and cozy Floor Cushions, too.


Looking for a few essentials for your baby’s nursery? Well, look no further than our Disney Mickey Mouse Mats. We’ve got allll the sizes to grow with them and padded options as well! Then at the foot of your rocking chair, we suggest a matching Pouf to rest yours. Finally, a bit of Bunting goes a long way to make this room extra special, for them and you.

Kid’s Bedroom:

There’s nothing better for a kiddo that’s Disney-obsessed than to bring the stories they know and love into their very own personal space. First things first, hang a Hundred Acre Wood Poster or Mat on the wall. Right above their bed is a great place to encourage sweet dreams.

Dining Room:

If you have a special occasion like a birthday or baby shower coming up, go for a fun and festive Disney theme with these key pieces. For the walls: we love hanging Bunting all around. Don’t forget the Tablecloth to really tie it all together — and create a lovely place to gather. Trust us, they’ll be talking about this party for years and years to come.

Living Room:

You may also use the living room when hosting baby showers or gatherings, so feel free to carry the Disney theme into this space. Bunting, again, is our favorite for a party. You just can’t go wrong with this celebratory decor. Then make sure to provide plenty of pretty seating, in the form of Poufs, Floor Cushions, and Padded Mats.

Inspired? We sure hope so! And remember: never feel like you have to forfeit fun for function — or even beauty — in your home. At the intersection of all those things…now that’s where the magic is.

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