Gathre ‘round the Traditions. From our team to you.

Gathre ‘round the Traditions. From our team to you.

The holidays might be our very favorite time of year — for the anticipation of the return of our favorite traditions we absolutely love sharing with our friends and family. Sometimes quirky, always memorable, here we’re sharing some old-favorites and perhaps, unique new traditions to spark your own this holiday season.

“Every year, I gift my kids a pair of holiday jammies on December 1st, so they can wear them all month long. It’s a tradition they look forward to, and one that gets us all excited for the holidays.”

“The kids and I make little arts and crafts gifts for all of our neighbors, then we bundle up and walk around the neighborhood delivering them door to door. It’s so fun to see their faces light up and to show my children how much joy there is in giving, too.”

“My grandmother was from England, so we always had a traditional Christmas supper, which included Christmas pudding. While not always our favorite dish as kids, the Christmas pudding became a tradition of its own because hidden inside were prizes that came with a fortune for the year to come.It was a family tradition we always cherished.”

“When we were young, my dad used to make barricades to block us from sneaking down the stairs too early on Christmas morning. I wish we had cell phones back in those days so I could share a photo of his hilarious creations, but we always delighted in waking up to see what he came up with each year.”

“On Christmas Eve, my family had a tradition of hanging stockings on the mantel and reading the Night Before Christmas as a family in front of the fire before going upstairs to bed.”

“My favorite memories with my family were driving around to see all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood. We also had a gifting tradition where we drew two names: one name received a gift we would buy and the other would get a personal, homemade gift we would make ourselves. It was always the HIT of Christmas Eve. Always so meaningful and tender and bonding."

“For Christmas every year, my family gives everyone a calendar with photos from the year filled with everyone’s birthdays and special occasions like anniversaries, upcoming graduations and more. It’s a gift we all look forward to, and helps us stay connected throughout the year.”

We’d love to hear about your favorite holiday traditions — from childhood, or with your family. Share them on social or in our Gathred Facebook group.

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