Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes as a tiny start-up grows into a business with international presence? Looking back, we can hardly believe it ourselves. There’s been a little bit of blood (mostly in the early days of fulfilling orders ourselves from a garage), but the sweat and tears? We’re still very familiar with those.

mare and jess


  • Gathre co-founders, Mare + Jess, met at a GNO and bonded immediately over the desire for pretty to meet performance in making Mom Life a bit easier


  • Sold a sample run of 2,000 leather Mats from Mare’s garage in Provo, Utah
  • Moved to our first legit office space
  • Officially launched @gathre with two new collections
mats hanging
stacked mats


  • Hired our first employees
  • Upgraded packaging to the boxes you know + love
  • First retailer: Land of Nod
  • Moved production overseas


  • First printed collab with the amazing @ryleeandcru  
  • Introduced Playmats, Bibs, Leather Carriers + Tablecloths
  • Launched Gathre x Studio McGee
baby laying on mat
home mats


  • Big retailer: Anthropologie
  • Added Home Mats to our product offerings
  • Moved into a bigger space


  • Launched our first Bags, Floor cushions, Advents, and Padded Mats
  • Reunited after 5 months of Mare's son's treatment in Seattle while Jess ran the business solo
  • Grew our team and decided to bring fulfillment back in house
stacked floor cushions
stacked mats


  • Outgrew our new warehouse before we even moved in
  • Learned how to Zoom
  • Experienced a 541% 3-year growth
  • Expanded into larger office + warehouse spaces
  • Launched gathre.eu + a warehouse in the Netherlands
  • Grew our HQ team to 27 employees
  • Employed 5 factories
  • Launched more than 30 new products, including Arc Playset
  • Were #6 on the Utah 100 List
  • Were #898 on the Inc. 5000 List
  • Mare + Jess were finalists for Ernst + Young Entrepreneur of the Year

We had no way to anticipate what the future would hold for us (we still have no idea!), but we couldn’t be more grateful for this amazing, wild ride we’re on. We LOVE our work of bringing people together by making the everyday more functional and beautiful.

We have actual, dancing-in-the-office, crying-happy-tears joy in knowing that what we dream up makes a difference in the lives of so many wonderful people. People who, like us, value relationships and togetherness, whose peeps are the most important thing in life.

mare and jess

We love you. We’re immensely thankful for the opportunity to do work we’re proud of and passionate about. We Make Space for the Worthwhile by making space for YOU. Thanks for making space for Gathre.

Jess + Mare

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