Baby Essentials Through the Years

Baby Essentials Through the Years

As parents, we all want to provide our children with the best products to help them grow and develop. And yet, this comes with its downsides — accumulating lots of stuff, and costs to boot. Find yourself in this boat? If you’re looking for more quality and versatility in what you buy for littles in your home, we’ve made this cheat sheet for the stages of child development and Gathre products that can go with them. From the earliest diaper days to learning ABCs, our collection has the bases covered.

Diaper duty

  • - Micro as a wipeable surface for your changing station, at home or on the go.
  • - Caddy to keep a stack of diapers handy or tote them around as needed.
  • - Wall Tidy to hold wipes, creams, and essentials organized at arm’s reach.

Sitting up and crawling

  • - Padded Mat for soft landings as they practice sitting up, crawling, and taking first steps.
  • - Ball Pit for a contained play area. Fill it with pillows, toys, or sand, too!
  • - Mini Mat for under the high chair, when they’re taste testing (and tossing) foods.
  • - Tunnel for an adventurous place to crawl through, and a favorite for peek-a-boo.


  • - Playmats with Wooden Toys give them a place for independent play.
  • - Tablecloths aren’t just perfect for mealtime. They can keep craft time messes in check.
  • - Large Floor Cushion to snuggle up for story time.
  • - Playset for climbing, sliding, and imagining creative ways to play.

Early education

  • - Orb Poufs make for a cozy nook to encourage independent reading.
  • - Alphabet Poster reminds them daily to practice the ABCs..
  • - World Map hung on the wall or laid on the floor develops their grasp on geography.
  • - Wooden Landmarks expand their world to the monuments and wonders of places far away.

Big Kids

  • - Midi+ for picnics and play out in the backyard or park.
  • - Play Tent makes a perfect hideaway spot or tool for make-believe.
  • - Pouf for extra bedroom seating when friends come over.
  • - Fleurs or Solar System Poster adds visual (and educational!) interest to the walls.

Know that the lists don’t stop here! In fact, there are #AMillionWays to use anything from our collection. You can feel good about investing in Gathre products for your family, knowing they’re multi-functional, made to last, and meant to look great in your space.

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