Pretty sure we’re not the only ones who believe deep in our hearts that autumn is the finest of all seasons. What we like so much about autumn is its variability, its inconstancy. It’s working toward something and, as usual, nature teaches us in magnificent metaphor that becoming is where the beauty is. The very changeability of autumn is its most stunning asset.

And we love changing right along with it. It’s why we buy puffer vests in August ― because we’re eager for change. Let’s get on with it already: the season is fleeting and there are crunchy fallen leaves to walk through and pumpkin patches to visit. Indulging in fall vibes isn’t indulgence at all; it’s straight-up self-care.

And it’s a season with so much to offer, so much to do. Homemade applesauce. Hayrides. Harvest parties. Turkey feasts. Chairlift rides to look at foliage. Long walks by the river. Cinnamon donuts and spiced cider. The season positively begs to nourish us with its natural and spiritual bounty; it beckons us to find constancy in unceasing change.

Our Fall / Winter 2021 Keepsake Collection does the same. Our new colorways are classic and unexpected. Modern and reminders of memory. Autumn teaches us that it’s entirely possible to be trendy and timeless, just as this Halloween and this Thanksgiving will be this year’s, as well as collected into all the others.

In Knoll, Soleil, Paloma, Teak, and Currant, we see goldening leaves, harvesting fields, bare branches, figs, and stillness. We see what is, and what will always be, in this stunner of a season.