What brand holds as special a place in everyone’s hearts like Disney? It’s the nostalgia, the timelessness, the charm. As we’ve expanded the Gathre footprint to rooms throughout the home and beyond, we wanted to create products that would allow you to tap into those warm-and-fuzzies in your everyday.

That’s why we worked with Disney to create two collections that span across our product lines, from Mats to Playsets, decor to seating. And we just can’t get enough — kids and grown-ups alike.

Our Mickey Mouse print has the immediate power to take you back to simpler times. It's a simple, yet playful pattern with a neutral palette, making it an easy addition to existing decor. Though modern and minimal, we designed it to still capture that classic charm. Turns out, that pattern is quite versatile, too, finding its way onto products big and small throughout the home.
We partnered with the oh-so talented illustrator, Carleigh Courey, to design a charming and whimsical take on Winnie the Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood. Its vintage style hearkens back to our own childhoods, while leaving enough to the imagination of our little ones. These Mats and Poster make a perfect addition to any nursery, playroom, or even a themed party.
As always, it’d make our day to see how you’re bringing our Disney collections into your home and family’s day-to-day. Share with us @gathre!