5 Ways to Floor Cushion

5 Ways to Floor Cushion


If you’re like us you love to fill your home; with memories, food, laughter, music, and people - both big and small. We’re learning that a full home is a happy one. But if you’re having trouble keeping everyone comfy, our floor cushions are here for you.


Gathre floor cushions are made of a strong cotton poly filling surrounded by our signature, buttery soft (and wipeable!), leather. They’re beautiful, they’re easy to clean, they’ll last, and they’re oh so comfortable. They truly are a great alternative to the bare floor.

We always envisioned them in the living room for movie night or the nursery as we supervise floor play, but our customers have opened our eyes to all the places a floor cushion belongs.



Here are 5 places you like to put your floor cushion: 

  1. The book nook - a perfect place for story time snuggles 
  2. A meditation area - a comfy space for a little bit of ‘you time’
  3. Any bedroom - so our little monkeys have a soft place to land when they’re jumping on the bed
  4. The playroom - when the floor is lava a cushion can be such a life saver
  5. Your pup’s place - easy clean up makes these cushions a really relaxing spot for our furry friends  


The list could actually go on for a while. You’ve told us that you love them in your office, use them during snack time, as crash pads, for lounging, as photo props, as extra seating when you have guests over. We're honestly so impressed by the many, MANY uses you’ve found for these comfy cushions.




So if you’re still questioning how badly you need a floor cushion just remember, a little cush for the tush can go a long way. With two different shapes (circle or square), two different sizes (regular or mini) and several colors and prints, we're pretty sure we've got the right cushion for you to use anywhere you need a little extra padding.




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