We couldn't be more thrilled to host our first ever Zoom Event with none other than ever inspiring Alex Elle. Alex is a renowned writer, beloved author and celebrated leader in the world of self-care. We've long admired Alex's worthwhile work of helping all to live with greater intention and wholeness in our own little spheres. As a writing-to-heal facilitator, Alex will be guiding us through journaling practice sure to leave you feeling introspective. All she said you need to be ready is to leave your perfection at the door and BYOJ (bring your own journal). She's already speaking to our hearts. We cannot wait to see you and learn together some of Alex's wisdom regarding, motherhood, vulnerability and self-care.

Alexandra Elle is an author & writing to heal facilitator living in Maryland with her husband and children. Writing came into her life by way of therapy and the exploration of healing through journaling. Quarterly, Alex teaches workshops and retreats centered around assisting others in finding their voices through storytelling rooted in truth without shame. Her mission is to build community & self-care practices through literature & language. She is currently an author at Chronicle Books.

Alex is the author of multiple books and journals, most recently After the Rain and the guided journal, In Courage.

She also hosts The Hey Girl Podcast.

We know you're going to love Alex as much as we do. Join us May 22nd, we can't wait to see you.