Autumn is the season of harvest. It is the time where farmers pluck the crop that’s grown. As we face a fresh fall, we want this collection to acknowledge all the good that’s grown over this past year (and we’re talking more than squash and melons). With sweat and tears, you’ve created, nurtured, and loved – an irreplaceable work that can’t be measured.
If there’s one thing we hope our FW23 collection will bring to others it would be a sense that it’s right, healthy even, to revel in the good already present in your life. We can’t just plant plant plant, we must also carve out space in our lives to reap, enjoy, and savor. We designed each of our products to literally be a place of gathering, so in a way we return to our roots with this collection. You'll find colors that embrace the season and the warmth of harvest. We hope you enjoy this collection.
— Mare & Jess