Simple Steps to Decorate for Any Holiday

Simple Steps to Decorate for Any Holiday

If you’re like us, you’ll take any excuse for a decorative refresh around the house. Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthdays — it’s all fair game for adding a festive touch. And oftentimes, a touch is really all it takes! Follow these six simple steps to make year-round holiday decorating both tasteful and trouble-free.
Choose a color palette
For any given holiday, give yourself a combo of 1–3 colors to stick to. When you’ve got a main hue or two that draws your eye around the room, it’s that much easier to tie the whole look together with less. Cohesion is key!
Start with the staples
There are a few go-to spots around the house that often benefit from a seasonal facelift or special touch. First up, the dining table. Swap in a Tablecloth, pop some flowers in a vase, and you’ve got yourself a fresh start. Another classic that makes a big impression? A wreath at the front door, or some sweets at the entryway for guests as they come and go.
Keep it simple
We, of course, are partial to a more minimalist style. Its many benefits, like versatility and ease, really come in handy when it comes to decorations. When you can do more with less, you won’t have to accumulate an attic full of seasonal trinkets, and it all plays nicely with your existing style. A few of our simple favorites you can easily swap into the scene: Bunting, Pillow Covers, and Coasters.
Incorporate something handmade 
A little arts and crafts can go a long way. Add some personal charm to the scene with framed artwork by your kiddos on the side table, or paper garland draped along the stair railing. Littles love having a hand in how it all comes together!
Round it out with a scent
Our olfactory senses play such a big part in memories and the overall mood. Grab a candle that feels fitting for the season or occasion, and keep it lit while everyone’s spending time together. Before you know it, it’ll become a piece of the nostalgia.
Choose proper storage
Last, and maybe the most dreaded part — finding a place to put it all. But don’t let that deter you! Find storage containers that fit only what you have, that keep it all safe, and are nimble enough for you to lift and shift around. Our Storage Bins in various sizes work well on garage shelving or tucked in closets, but we love that they always feel lightweight and accessible.
We want to see how you make each season feel special in your home. Tag us @Gathre — we’re always collecting new ideas from our creative community (that’s you!).

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