Gathre 101

Gathre 101



Brand new to Gathre? Been here since day one? Here's a handy guide on how to keep your Gathre products as long-lasting as they’re designed to be by cleaning, caring for, and storing them properly. Hint: it’s really easy. Check out our handy guide.




- Spot treat with a paper towel, cleaning wipe, or wet rag.

- Use a gentle cleaner (we love Mrs. Meyer's). Baby oil and rubbing alcohol can be used on tougher messes, but may affect our prints, handles and flocked-suede backing, so be sure to test a spot before using.

- Visit our Gathred Facebook group for more cleaning tips and tricks!


- Machine wash.

- Worry about cleaning the bottom of your bonded mats or other suede accents - those are meant for heavy wear. If you do want to clean these portions, we recommend spot treating them with a damp rag.




- Feel free to get your leather products wet. Especially with our mats, you can hose them down, rinse them in the ocean, or give them a good soak for easy cleaning.

- Release wrinkles by laying products such as our mats flat in the sun, by steaming the underside, or by throwing them in the dryer on medium heat for 3-5 minutes.

- Be careful with scissors, as they can puncture our leather goods.

- Be careful with sunscreens, as they may leave oil stains.


- Put your flat-laying items away while wet (like mats, bibs, smocks, and pillow covers.) Instead, make sure to let your them dry all the way before storing so they don’t accumulate mold!

- Use an iron on your leather goods.

- Use acrylic paints, oil paints, ball point pens, markers, or anything with heavy dye in it. Watercolors may also stain printed items, so use them with caution.




- Keeping your mat on a hook allows for easy access, less wrinkles and a cute decor touch.

- Tote your portable Gathre goods everywhere. For mats especially, we recommend our leather carrier.

- Feel free to fold or roll up your mats, bags and accessories compactly in a purse, backpack, or stroller.

- Display your goods in a basket, on a shelf, or even a coffee table, as part of your home decor.


- Feel like you have to put your items away! While we design all of our goods to easily stow away for pick-up days, they’re meant to be stylish and functional additions that add a cute touch to your existing style—so they can live in your home, too.

- Forget to keep extras in your car (mats, bibs, toys, etc) for any unexpected adventures and/or messes.

- Think there's any 'wrong' way to use your Gathre goods!


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