5 Tips for Adding Patterns in Your Home

5 Tips for Adding Patterns in Your Home

Patterns add a certain energy to the room. They can steer the eye across a space, or heighten the impact of a single furniture piece. Sure, we’re big fans of neutrals and solid hues — but the visual interest a pattern contributes to a space shouldn’t be underestimated. So if you find yourself needing some inspiration for incorporating a printed piece in your home, we’ve got a few tips for you to consider.

01. Think about the room’s purpose — rest, socializing, focus, play — and choose patterns that are appropriate for that function. For example, a bedroom might benefit from a calming, neutral pattern, like Stone Stripe, while a playroom can handle a more bold, whimsical pattern, like Disney Mickey Mouse!

02. What’s the style of your space? Choose patterns that jive with the personality that probably already exists within it. For example, floral or paisley patterns could be well suited for a more traditional look, while a modern space pairs nicely with geometric or abstract prints.

03. Now onto the color scheme. No need to go matchy-matchy (though tone-on-tone is certainly on trend). When looking at the palette of a given print design or pattern, aim for one that complements the rest of the room. Maybe it’s stripes that echo colors from the throw pillows, or a plaid that plays off the wall paint hue. With color, contrast can be a powerful tool, too.

04. Bear in mind the size and scale of the room. As a rule of thumb, larger patterns work well in larger rooms, while smaller patterns are better suited for smaller spaces.

05. Go ahead, mix and match! Don't be afraid to try multiple patterns in the room for a more interesting appeal. Just be sure to choose ones that share a common color and/or design element to help them live together harmoniously, without overwhelming the look at large.

Most Gathre products, from Mats to Ottomans to Tissue Box Covers, come in both solid colors and printed options. It’s hard to go wrong with any style (if we do say so ourselves), so we hope you feel that much more confident in seizing the opportunity for something patterned next!

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