Caitlin Wilson is a powerhouse! She owns her own design company, Caitlin Wilson Design, selling her impressive line of rugs, wallpapers, pillows, fabric, and furniture. I can hardly wrap my head around that list- then add that she is opening up a store front in San Francisco TODAY!- and she couldn't be more legit. Along with 100k others, we love getting inspired by her gifted eye for style on her instagram feed @caitlinwilsondesign. She is doing good as a wonderful mama and designer and we're grateful to share some of her words of wisdom with you. A huge thanks Caitlin. Keep it up-we sure admire you. xo

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Tell us a little bit about how you got started into design?

I have always been a creative…from drawing my surroundings in a sketchbook as a kid to working at a flower shop in college and then getting my first job out of school at a design firm. It was just who I was meant to be. I posted some pictures on my personal blog of my first apartment in 2007 and got an email from someone who wanted to hire me. Before I knew it, I had quit my job because I didn’t have enough time to do both!

Have you always wanted to own your own company?

Yes! I have had an entrepreneurial spirit ever since I was a kid.  I made a gift wrapping station in my house to charge my Grandma for wrapping her Christmas gifts!

Could you have ever imagined that you would one day be creating fabric, pillows, rugs, wallpaper, and run your own successful design company?

Well, I might have dreamt of it, but I never thought it would have grown and evolved as much as it has. I started my textile line in my Hong Kong apartment with my baby on my lap and never expected to sell my wallpaper in Anthropologie or open a store in San Francisco or see my rug in Nate Berkus’ house!  I feel so honored and grateful that people love my designs and use my products in their homes.

We love your design work in homes. I'm sure you get asked this frequently, but what are some easy, simple ways the average lady can improve a living space?

PATTERN!  The absolute easiest way to make a difference in a space is by adding some interesting patterns. Whether it’s bright, bold patterned pillows or a vibrant rug- they are game changers in spaces that might be simple or lack a lot of architectural details.

Business is hard! What failures have you faced / what hurdles have you jumped in the 9 years of owning your company?  It was challenging having the business in my own home for the first 4 years. It felt like I could always do more and I was constantly being pulled in two different directions between the office and my kids.

#gathrelove how do your husband and you support each other in your professional endeavors and still make time for each other despite being busy?  It seems like it comes in seasons for us. Seven years ago we packed up our 5 week-old baby and headed to Dubai for my husband’s job. It was definitely challenging and a sacrifice for me, but in the end it’s what gave me this incredible opportunity. I created and sourced my line when we were living abroad and then ran it out of our spare bedroom while my husband was in business school. Brig has always been my biggest fan and support, and now it’s even more rewarding because he’s running the business side of it. Even though we see each other more at the office, we have to try and make time and conversation that is not involving the business. The answer: movies & popcorn!

We had to ask it-- How do you balance your work and home life? I only work every other day and I try not to “work from home”.  Now that my 3 kids are all in such busy phases, it makes it difficult to get much done at home so I just keep my work at the office as much as possible. I go in 2 days a week and crank out as much I can so I when I’m home I can focus on my kids and give them the love and attention they need and deserve from their mother.

What does a typical day look like for you? I wake up around 6 most days and head to a Barre3 or spin class or go on a walk. If it’s Tuesday/Thursday I take my son to preschool and head to the office. If it’s Monday, Weds, Friday I try to take my kids out for a fun activity or we stay home and play in the sprinklers! If necessary, I answer urgent emails during my 2 year old’s nap and then try to keep the kids from going crazy/hurting each other before Dad get’s home from work! Best part of my day is always our bedtime routines. I have the best conversations and cuddles one on one with each of my kids in their beds with no distractions. Did I mention the cooking, cleaning up after meals, and bum-wiping? Cause I do a lot of that!

You’ve created such a wonderful company and are doing such good. Tell us something you’re really proud of accomplishing? Thank you! I am proud of the many employees I’ve had over the years and the way I’ve seen them learn, grow, and succeed. I’ve had some pretty amazing women work for me and I’ve watched them go on to do amazing things. I’m happy that I’ve been able to be a stepping stone for many of their paths to success.

#gathreaway You are well traveled already, but where is the next spot you’d go if you could escape on a vacation? 

I would love to get the Greek Isles!

You are gorgeous! Will you share with us some your beauty must haves? You are too sweet.  I’ve been on a skin care kick lately and have been loving M-61 and Mario Badescu for skin, and Oribe hair products.

What words of wisdom would you give to fellow women who are chasing their dreams?  Teddy said it best, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Don’t look around you… just keep your mind and heart focused on what gifts you have to give and what unique perspective you can share with the world.

We love hearing people talk about their dreams. What is your biggest hope or aspiration in life?  Some of my dreams are to write a book, get a Masters Degree in Art History, retire in New York City, and speak at my alma mater- Brigham Young University.  Did you ask for just one??? My greatest and most difficult aspiration is truly to just be an exceptional mother and raise happy, successful children.



LOVED this. Thank you Caitlin!

— Lizzie