We're thrilled to feature another lady who is up to good in her sphere. Madelon is a european transplant living in the US. Her feed is nice and easy. With her husband and two kids she does an incredible job of making the everyday beautiful and relatable. Thanks for sharing a bit of your heart, Madelon. You can follow her on Instagram @madebylon + her blog is thedoorinthewall.com. Get her blush Maxi mat here 

-You're european. We wanna hear why you came to America?

Yes, I'm Dutch! We moved from the Netherlands to the US summer 2014... Almost 2 years ago already. I love it here, but am still very much European. They say it takes a few years to really settle...

-Tell us about how you got started with the door in the wall?

I met Vie through Instagram. We sort of hit it of at first sight. We met a couple of times while I still lived in the Netherlands. When me and my family moved to LA summer 2014 that friendship continued and grew stronger with the help of What's app. We talked daily, about everything. Also secret dreams were shared, like starting a blog, and because we are both pretty impulsive THE DOOR IN THE WALL was born 4 weeks later! 

-You have grown and have such a great community. What do you think has been one of your keys to success? 

I have no clue really. I think staying close to myself, being honest and staying far from the 'instagram madness'. I'm just me, a stay at home mother with a big love for photos that found a place to share some of those. Nothing more, nothing less. People relate to that I guess! The mess, the mundaine, the love.

-No one’s life is easy. Do you mind sharing one thing you’re proud of overcoming professionally or personally? 

 There isn't one thing in particular. I'm just proud that I'm not afraid to try new things, keep on taking challenges. Because I went through things in life, I now know I'll survive, I'll find a way. 

#gathreaway If you could escape on a dream vacation where would you go?

I love traveling and exploring! So all places new are a dream. But my best holidays have been the ones where we explored a country. Staying somewhere for 3/4 days and then off to a new city. My fondest memories are about a trip to Thailand with my now husband. We would love to do that one over, this time with our kids!

-Any beauty products that you can’t live without?

Black eyeliner.

-How do you balance connecting on social media and disconnecting electronically to live real life?

To be honest, I do not always manage to balance those two. My phone is my lifeline. It's my phone, my computer, my camera, my connection to my friends and family abroad and checking Instagram, the only social media I'm on, is just one click away. So it's in my hand way too often, and I don't like it. Therefore I introduced specific screen time for me just like for my children. My priority is my real life, my children, talking and playing or just sit and do nothing. And yes, because of that my mailbox is one big unanswered mess. 

#gathrelove what is something you do to strengthen your marriage?

Keep talking. And listening. But most importantly, laugh! As much as you can. 

-You are expecting your third babe. Congrats! Do you have one mantra or something you really hope to pass along to your kids?

To be who you want to be and respect others to do the same. To love life, just as it is. Of course you need goals and dreams, but never forget to appreciate what you have now. You only have this one shot, so please make it worth while! 

-What could you gather and gather and never have enough of?

Great memories! And pictures of those... In the end it's not about what you have, but what you did that's important. So I want to travel and do fun things as much as possible. And I'm a sucker for sweet little traditions, so I hope to create many of those too.

-We love hearing people talk about their dreams. What is your biggest hope or aspiration in life?

It's all a big cliche, but my hope is to stay healthy, together and happy. With many dreams to chase!