Today, we're elated to showcase Anna Liesemeyer of In Honor of Design. She is inspiring across the board when it comes to style, design, and family. She started blogging years ago, but has remained a force for good in the online community to this day. As a mother and business owner, we admire her positivity, good heart, and faith-filled life. She is as sweet as they come and she radiates goodness. Hopefully you'll be left feeling inspired like we are. Thanks lovely Anna.

Tell us about how you got started into blogging? How have you been able to ride the wave and stay influential through changes in technology?

I actually started blogging as a daily exercise for my graphic design background, and to support my then accessory business (which I had named In Honor of Design)! It ended up becoming such a fun way for me to dabble into all of the creative outlets I loved: design, photography, styling, fashion, etc. It grew bigger than I thought it ever would, and allowed me to take it on as my main job this year. Blogging has changed as fast paced as my life has, so in a way, I changed along with it, and was never afraid to give something a try. It has been refined into topics I really never tire of. My audience has grown with me over the years, and also shifted into new readers. I welcome both new and old friends:)

You’ve been able to accomplish so much. What has been one of the biggest keys to your success?

Oh thank you so much! It was a lot of jumping off scary cliffs and not looking back....not being afraid to call, email, or connect with other entrepreneurs and people I admired. I always say, do something that makes your heart race to go through with at least once a week. Most of the time, good things came of it. I also tried really hard to stick with what has felt genuine to me, and not give into the temptation to change according to what I think others may like better. It leaves you with a much happier life when you can live comfortably in your own skin.

#gathreaway If you could escape on a dream vacation where would you go?

Oh I have a running list! Australia coast or Thailand are tying for first right now! We can learn so much from experiencing different cultures and atmospheres of the world. Of course, put me on just about any coast with a good book and an iced tea with Gabe and the kids and I'd call that a dream.

We love how your faith is weaved into your life. Has it ever been scary to share? And in what ways does your faith strengthen you?

My faith is something that has been a steady foundation for me throughout my entire life. Thankfully, I had a very strong support system in my family and friends that instilled courage and confidence to just LIVE it instead of preach it. Because of this, it has never been scary to share since it is a very natural part of my life. It is intricately woven into my whole being. I love and respect friends of all faiths and I appreciate when they share their perspectives, and especially when it is done in a loving and graceful way.

You have a gift to gathre ______? What would that be?

People. I've always loved to open our home and gather friends and family together. It is life giving for me!

But no one’s life is easy. Do you mind sharing one thing you’re proud of overcoming professionally or personally?

I would say my life is most challenging when you are adjusting to a new milestone. One of the most difficult points in my life was after having my third child and trying to continue to run two businesses. I knew something was about to break, and since my own health and my children's lives are my main priority, I gave up some things I really loved.  It was a time I shed many tears feeling like I wasn't enough for anyone. I was much happier after I learned to let some things go, and as a result our home life became more peaceful because I was mentally and physically healthier. This is something that may not ever be applauded by the standard of career success, but I know that I will never regret placing my marriage and family before anything else. 

#gathrelove You and Gabe have a really sweet relationship. How do you keep your love strong?

We have an unspoken rule to never criticize each other, to take a 50/50 approach on life, and to always put each other first. It is the very simple gestures that can go a long way in a relationship. He is very good about finding ways on a daily basis to bust a laugh or make me smile. We are pretty devoted to going on dates too. It is the uninterrupted time outside of the home that keep that more adventurous love going.

As a stellar mom to four kiddos, making time for yourself is essential. What do you like to do with a little alone time, or to feel refreshed?

I get a little quiet time each night, and I always debate between taking a good long run, diving into a good read, or binge watching a favorite show on Netflix;) A coffee date with friends is extremely refreshing to me as well. Talking to humans your age is essential to avoiding burn out! ha!

What could you gather and gather and never have enough of?

Pictures. I tend to be hoardful when it comes to moments of my children's childhood. I want to snap and save so much of it in case I forget it. Of course, it's better enjoyed without having anything in hand but direct focus on them, so I do my best not to go overboard! I also have a thing for paper goods. I can't ever leave a paper good store without a few good greeting cards, stamps, or postcards!

We love hearing people talk about their dreams? What is your biggest hope or aspiration in life?

That my children grow to live a life centered on their morals, and live out the gifts that God has given them. And of course, that  I get to grow old and grey with my husband Gabe on a good piece of land somewhere. It is pretty simple, but I would call those my biggest dreams.