We’ve played fan girl over Nicole of www.lilliesandleon.com @lilliesandleon for some time and can’t wait to share this feature with you. All of us at Gathre are big NYC lovers, so this New York native chasing her dreams has enamored our hearts. She has drawn us in with how evidently important her family reigns in her life, something we find highly admirable. Though we’ve never met, Nicole just feels genuine and relatable--like an old best friend from high school--and I bet we aren’t the only ones who feel that way. It’s heartening see her spreading love and good out there in the big city. Keep it up girl! And thanks again for the lovely words Nicole:)

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-We have major admiration that you live in the city with your little clan. It's gotta be hard on many levels, but worth it. What are some of the pros and best parts of the city that keep you there?

I was born and raised in NYC. This magical city will be my forever home and it is, in my eyes, the very best place to raise my children. There are always adventures waiting to be had! From our big, beautiful backyard (I'm talking about you, Central Park) to walks around the neighborhood - there is beauty to be found everywhere. All walks of life, colors, art, cuisine from all over the world..

-You have two darling kids. How do you adequately nurture them and find time to foster your own growth?

Lillie Sol is 7 months old and I am still trying to figure it all out. There's really no such thing as a good balance (if anyone out there knows the secret please let me in on it!). I take it day by day and do my best to show them both how much I love them. Lillie gets a ton of one on one time by default while we nurse so I make it a priority to get on the floor and play with my little man every day. Little things like bath time and just talking about his day as well as stories at bed time really make a difference in making me feel like he has my undivided attention. 


-What can you gather and gather and gather and still never have enough of?

Photos! I have always been obsessed with picture taking and I have stacks of albums tucked away in our closet dating back to my childhood. In our living room I have a ceramic bowl filled with polaroids and there are framed photos of the kids and family all over the house. They bring me so much joy. 


-You're a walking beauty. What's your go-to beauty product, hack, or tip that you can't live without?

I'm totally blushing..thank you! My beauty routine is pretty simple. A little tinted moisturizer (I'm obsessed with Laura Mercier), blush (Nars), and I must must always curl my lashes. It makes me feel like I actually look awake ;) Also washing my face every night and moisturizing both in the morning and evening is super important. I'm trying to take more time for myself this year and scheduling in facials is on my to-do list. 

-Nothing is better than hearing people talk about their dreams. What's your biggest dream/hope/wish/bucket list?

My biggest dream is that my kids live their life to the fullest. I want them to see the world, fall in love, make mistakes, seize the day. Everything I do is for them and their joy is ultimately my joy as well. 

Second to that is living a life of happiness with my fiancé. When the kids are all out of the house it'll be just us..two people that fell madly in love at an early age and need to learn how to live life as a couple again sans kids. I always want to look at him and feel butterflies. I never want the laughter and joy to dissipate. Taking care of our relationship is a priority and I wish us a lifetime of crazy love and joy together.