The Women of Gathre

The Women of Gathre


Today being International Women’s Day, we wanted to take a moment to appreciate the wonderful women who bring so much good to our team. Although not intentional, Gathre comprises of a in-house staff of 90% women. With that, it’s easy to see the influence of these wonderful women all around us every day. We’re continually encouraged by the goodness and joy they bring to our office, our brand and more importantly in their homes and families. So to celebrate today, we interviewed a few members of our staff and asked them what it means to each of them to be woman. Here are a few of their answers:


What does being a woman mean to you? 


“Being a woman means being a nurturer. It’s in our blood to love those around us and I think that’s our most powerful gift. I have a sticky note on my fridge with the word “nurture” written on it to remind me of this in my interactions with others.” -Marilee


“Being a woman brings a sense of sacredness to me. I’ve always felt a need to protect that divine worth we have as humans, but specifically so as a woman. Our divine design is pretty incredible, right? We create in so many ways, but our ability to create life is singular to us. And I think it’s as humbling as it is beautiful. Being gentle, kind, nurturing, patient, brave, bold at times and loving — those are all things that help me fulfill and protect my role as a woman. The unique qualities that make us women are needed. So we shouldn’t try to hide them or shy away from them, but give them life.”  -Jessica


“Being a woman to me, means having a natural inclination to be kind. As women, we are blessed to have the opportunity to carry children and I think that gives us an innate nurturing nature. I think we can use that power to cultivate our own talents and nurture those around us to be the best they can be.” -Aubrey


“To me being a woman means so much! I think we’re here to support each other, root for each other, help each other and love each other!” -Kenzie


“Being a woman means caring for each other. Women are built to nurture and I love that aspect of womanhood.” -Courtney


“Being a woman means being strong… Whenever I feel weak I feel strengthened by the examples and strength given to me through other women. ” -Bri

“Embracing yourself. understanding who you are and not just what the world wants you to be.” -Samantha


What is one word that describes you as a woman? 



“Empathetic.” -Jessica


“Not too good at this one, but I guess one word that could describe me is sensitive, to a fault sometimes. I feel all the feelings. Hoping to toughen up and keep feeling all at once.” -Marilee


“One word that describes me as a woman: kind.” -Kenzie


“Happy!” -Aubrey


“Compassion.” -Courtney


“Love.” -Bri

“Life liver. Being spontaneous and taking chances, really living life to the fullest. in the most non fast and furious sounding type of way.” -Samantha


What color defines you as a woman?


“Pink! I have always loved light pinks (so much so that my entire wardrobe seems to be different shades of it) and to me it feels feminine and beautiful.” -Aubrey


“Even my kids know this answer- my favorite color is white. I got it from my mother. She is a graphic designer and always told us “white is the reflection of all colors.” I love how clean it is. It may not reflect me, and certainly doesn’t reflect the current state of my house, but maybe someday…” – Marilee


“My favorite color is blue. It’s calming to me. During the difficult moments of my life I’ve always found myself going on a run. Something about a blue sky or the rain or the ocean brings a true sense of calm.” -Jessica

“A color that’s truly a color, black. Don’t we all wish we could be as classic as Coco Chanel?” -Samantha


There is such power that comes in women supporting women. At Gathre we are proud and humbled to be surrounded by so many incredible women every day. Thank you for your continued support and strength in our efforts! We’d love to hear your answers to these questions.

What does being a woman mean to you? 

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