We were totally unknown when you decided to support us - what made you think Gathre was worth taking a chance on?

I love to support local businesses and artists & Gathre had a booth set up at a local market. Once I saw the mats – which seemed like beautiful quality and totally practical for family needs I had to buy one to try it out. 


What do you like most about Gathre products?

We started using our mats immediately outside in our yard and we took them on a trip to Southern California to use at the beach, they were ideal! Not only functional for sitting outside but very chic and stylish too, I was immediately a local fan.


How do you use Gathre mats now?

Now that Gathre offers so many colors and styles of mats I use them for more than picnics or sitting at the beach. I usually teach summer art camps for kids and I have four large black mats that I use to cover my table for our projects. They are SO perfect, they give the kids a clean working space but also look really nice for the aesthetic I am aiming for in my overall look of camp. They clean up easily – everything from paint, hot glue, glitter, every art supply imaginable has been used on the mats and cleaned off afterwards!


Any advice for people on the fence about getting a mat? 

Run, don’t walk – before the one you want sells out! You are making an investment for a lifetime, something that also appeals to my minimalist heart – these mats hold up for years.