Kristen Dickson's Butterfly Party

Kristen Dickson's Butterfly Party

I have always been inspired by the changing of the seasons, by the space between the one you’ve been living and the one you haven’t seen yet. There’s a little bit of a rebirth there – in putting old things away while looking up ahead for new – and this spring I have found myself especially grateful for each coming day, for the chance to slow down and take stock and be with my family at home, determined to make good memories during this time of our lives together.


Recently Gathre sent us a new mat from their spring summer collection, a Midi+ called Tulle, a blush pink of the very best shade. That same day I went to the grocery store and walked past the flowers and nearly fainted when I saw them –butterfly ranunculuses, in the very same shade of blush pink. I took it as a sign: we had to have a party, just for us, to celebrate the first day of spring.

My daughters Jane (5) and Rose (4) couldn’t wait, so they put on their best party dresses and crowns and helped me set the table: small mason jars with floating blue hydrangea, a kraft paper table runner with butterfly stamps, and butterfly wands. We ate butterfly fairy bread and had a special storytime complete with felted caterpillar puppets and DIY butterflies made from vintage clothespins and dried flowers (many thanks to Merrilee Liddiard and Johanna Bless for the inspiration).



That rainbow light flare pretty much says it all – what a magical afternoon. Thanks so much to our friends at Gathre for continuing to inspire us and bring us together in our best ways, day after day.


Words and pictures by @hellokristendickson

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