April is a month of fresh blooms and fresh starts. The earth comes alive and we’ve felt the same new life after a long winter. About a month ago, we listened to this podcast about perfectionism and our minds were blown. It resonated so much with us and we determined to become recovering perfectionists. Be it our business, our homes, or our children’s Sunday outfits, we things to be perfect – sometimes at the expense of beautiful moments. And our perfectionism delays us from doing good things, like inviting friends over for dinner because our houses aren’t decorated perfectly. Or not sending our friend a note because we don’t have a perfect card. Or not hoping in a picture because we didn’t shower that morning. Sadly for us, too frequently perfectionism is the enemy to doing good.

We knew we wanted to focus on grace this April as a way to combat perfectionism that runs rampant these days. We’ve tried to shift our desire to create perfect things to just create good things. Removing perfectionism a badge of honor has liberated us to show more compassion to human frailty in ourselves and others.  And we’re especially grateful for this grace for those we are hardest on: ourselves. Giving ourselves grace allows room for more good. Sound off below: what’s one way you give yourself grace? #gathrehope


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