The beach lover, business owner, and Mom of two discusses what our SS19 theme of "Finding Center" means to her. 

G: How would you define "being centered?"

LB: The ability to almost silence the noise and chaos that we so easily get swept up in, take a deep breath, and to be truly present in life’s sweet moments.

G: Love that. Can you tell us how the beach became your home away from home?

LB: I was raised camping out on the beach all day as a child and think it helped spur my imagination and creativity. I love watching my daughter Zippy collect shells, build driftwood forts, and ask to see the anemones.

Most mornings are crazy, there are meltdowns, tantrums, and lots of messes, so I load the kids up and head to the place where we all find peace and joy!


G: You've been spearheading some beach cleanups recently, right? Can you tell us more about that?

LB: Since the beach is our second home, I feel the need to protect it for my children and all those who call it home (especially our dolphin and anemone friends). I always bring a little trash bag to throw any trash we see in during our time at the beach... so Zippy has naturally started to pick up trash too!

I know there are so many others out there with the same heart for the beach so I wanted to come together to keep it clean with everyone. I have quite a few projects in the works so stay tuned for more cleanups popping up everywhere!


G: Will do! Last year you became a mom of two. Can you talk about the challenges of that transition? What helped you stay centered?

LB: I don’t think anyone could have prepared me for that 1-2 jump! Haha it’s absolutely wild and requires both your arms and everything in you 24/7 but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Seeing the two of them cuddle together and smile at each other as their little friendship grows makes me melt. My husband has been amazing throughout the transition, along with so many of my mama friends.

I think surrounding myself with other mamas and their babies has helped me stay centered. Knowing all of us are on the same wild ride has helped me stay encouraged and excited for this new season of life and motherhood!

G: Anything else you want to share on what keeps you centered?

LB: Motherhood requires so much of you and sometimes your aspirations get forgotten. Find time whether it’s every day or once a month to do something you love to do, something you’re passionate about and that is separate from your role as a mother.

Get your creativity flowing and don’t forget those things you want to accomplish. I have been able to accomplish some of my personal goals and now I have two little ones to carry on my hips while doing it! This has been a huge part of keeping me centered.


Leah is pictured here with Petra and Mauve, her favorites from our SS19 collection.