Audrey Fitzjohn is a French photographer, writer, and stylist whose travels (with her two darling kids) always leave us inspired.

G: You're a photographer, stylist, and writer. How do you stay centered amidst all your creative projects, as well as being a Mom?  

AF: It takes a lot of work, but I've learned to be very organized over the years. I have set work times every day and I stop at 2:30 to look after my little Josephine, pick Charles up from school, and look after both of them until they go to bed.

In a way, having shorter work days makes me more productive. I know that I cannot waste my time and I naturally pick the tasks that are most important. I do have to work full days and travel for photoshoots as well, so I rely a lot on my mother during these times and my husband is very helpful as soon as he comes home from work.


G: Your travels are always inspiring us. Do you have any tips for staying centered when traveling with kids?

AF: If we have to fly long haul we always pick a flight that leaves in the evening in the hope that the children will sleep through a good part of it, but you can never guarantee that it will happen haha! And I think that it is the key, not having any expectations other than making the best of whatever comes your way.

My husband always says that holidaying with children is just "moving the chaos,” which is so true. I try to pack light and only what is essential, hardly any toys because there is always something to do or discover when you travel and at worst you can find any odd little toy anywhere around the world.


G: You're starting renovations on a house, which we'll be dying to see when finished. What do you think makes a space feel like home?

AF: I think that creating a space that is true to the spirit of the house makes it a home. I always let the house inspire me—its little details, architecture, history, there is always something to bounce off of to create a unique home with a soul.

We bring a lot of things back from our travels and incorporate them into our home, these personal touches speak to us, they hold memories that are meaningful to us and I try to choose furniture and accessories in the same way: it has to resonate with who we are as a family.


G: Anything else you want to add about being centered?

AF: To me being centered is finding the fine balance between my role as a mum, wife and entrepreneur. I need these three areas of my life to be "in good shape" so I try to set aside time for myself every day, to read a book or meditate, something to draw me back to myself and be present for a short while.

I really enjoy what I do and I feel privileged to be able to spend so much time with my children at the same time so I do not let myself get hung up about small things, the big picture is what I always focus on.

Audrey is photographed above with Fog and Mauve, from our SS19 collection.